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Photo Diary: A Weekday Getaway

weekend getaway cover

Ever since I came home from my two month stay in France, I’ve been craving a little bit of calmness, quiet and nature. You see, living in France for those two months, even though I was in the city, was still a constant getaway. There was calmness. There was quiet. There was nature. I loved that kind of life and I got used to it rather quickly.

I never missed the big city that is Metro Manila, I never missed any of the traffic, the unbearable pollution, the chaos — I mean, who in their right mind would? It couldn’t possibly be at all healthy for you physically, mentally and emotionally — but this was my reality, and a weekday getaway was the best we could do to get away from it all, even if for two nights only. Continue Reading

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The Happy List: Vol. 25

The little and big things that made me happy lately…

  1. Year two with Nivea and spending 3 days in Bohol with my blogging friends
  2. Beach trip plans with Gab
  3. Vlogging daily
  4. My new record player + getting to play the old records my family owned
  5. Photoshoots with awesome people
  6. Being nominated for the Nuffnang Blog Awards under 3 categories! (vote for me?)
  7. Korean lunch/dinner dates with Gab
  8. Getting to hang out more with Gab and his sisters
  9. Grilled veggies give me life
  10. Awesome twitter followers
  11. Newfound online friendships
  12. Talking about the future and being on the same page, finally
  13. Reading the responses on my “Getting to Know you” blog survey


I can’t believe the last time I did a “happy list” post was on May 2015! Thanks to those who reminded me of this series when you answered my blog survey, as it’s one of my favorite types of blog posts I used to do since Tumblr days. I keep forgetting that you guys are mostly here because you like personal posts from me… I’ll try to keep this in mind more often.

What made you happy lately? :-)

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My French Skincare Haul

french skincare haul cover2
My two month stay in France was more than just a cultural exchange on my end. I took it as a chance to learn about the French way of life, and that included studying how effortlessly beautiful French women are and how they achieve it, and applying the things I’ve learned into my lifestyle as well. Honestly, I don’t remember a time I ever came across a French woman with bad skin. They always looked so fresh and clean, even glowing, and thick makeup is almost a non-existent occurrence on their faces. They don’t need any of it! Their skin is almost always perfect, they always looked so darn classy and effortless and I wish I was exaggerating. (Of course, I sound like I’m stereotyping, but I’ve met a lot of French women during my 2 months in France and each time I’m floored by how beautiful they are!)

Continue Reading

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Getting to Know You Giveaway

It’s giveaway time!!!!! I know it’s already way past January but I’ve got a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2016 Planner for you, plus 3 other Maybelline makeup products to give away to some lucky Wild Spirit readers :-)


There will be 4 winners in total:

Grand giveaway prize: CBTL 2016 Planner + Maybelline White Super Fresh face powder + 2 Lipstick shades of choice

3 Secondary Winners: Maybelline White Super Fresh face powder + red lipstick


The giveaway ends on February 10th.

Mechanics are pretty simple, the most important is you answer a survey about myself/my blog (enter through the Rafflecopter widget below), and if you’re keen on racking up more points, you can like my social media pages as well!

But if you’re not up to joining the giveaway because you don’t care for these items above, that’s fine too! But would you be a dear and answer the survey anyway? I would really highly appreciate it! :-)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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My Thoughts on: Smiles, Insecurities and Oral-B

A smile is one of my favorite features on people. It’s even one of my favorite features on myself. But it’s true what they say about ourselves being our own worst critics, so it comes to no surprise that when it comes to my smile I want it looking close to perfection; and one of my insecurities mostly has to do with the health of my not-so-pearly-whites.

For one thing, I used to think my teeth were ugly in their off-white slightly yellow tinted color due to plaque build up. They’re not that obvious now, since I’ve been using Oral-B toothbrushes for about 2 years, while my second  biggest oral insecurity is the overall health of my teeth. I always think I have plaque growing in the between my teeth that will lead to another cavity I wont detect and then lead to tooth decay, then it’ll get so bad I’d need a root canal. (clearly I’m traumatized.) Continue Reading

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Travel Visuals: Jungfrau Region

camie and gab take europe: jungfrau region
If you ever find yourself in Switzerland, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the alps and the alpine villages, trust me on this. You’ll be missing out on sceneries that will take your breath away, that will make you fall in love with mother nature, that will make you never want to leave such a place.

In the early morning of October 9th, Gab and I woke hours before sunrise. The Jungfrau website’s weather forecasts claimed we’d be having a clear day with a chance of clouds before noon, but even that was no guarantee. Going up to the alps is always a big risk, because nature can be a tricky thing and the weather can turn on you in an instant up there — I mean, nothing completely drastic, but if you’re splurging to see the alps, you’d want to actually see the alps instead of clouds.

But we knew it was now or never. We layered up to prepare for the drop in temperatures once we arrive at Jungfraujoch and packed ourselves some lunch to enjoy instead of buying the expensive food on site. We left our hostel while the entire village of Leissigen was still sleeping. And as we made our way to the train station, I stared up at the  night sky admiring the billions of stars that were out that night. Coming from a big city where city lights drown out the stars, seeing billions of them felt hypnotizing.

Gab and I were only semi-prepared for our trip to Jungfrau. All I knew based on research was we needed to be at Interlaken OST before the first train headed up to the alps would leave. The timing was crucial, if you missed the train you’d have to wait another hour and by then it might be too late in case the weather suddenly changes. We were anxious the entire time, we didn’t want to screw up our only chance to visit the highest railway point in Europe… but the gods were in our favor and we made it just in time. Continue Reading