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5 Tips on Traveling While on Your Period

5 tips travel periodI personally think the absolute worst time for monthly periods to arrive is on the same week youre traveling! Imagine walking down the side streets of Paris, admiring the quirky cafes or youre walking the central square of Amsterdam playing with the pigeons when suddenly Aunt Flo arrives totally uninvited. What are you going to do?

Yes, Im speaking out of experience since it happened to me while I was walking the central square of Amsterdam two years ago and I had to rush back to my hostel, which was thankfully only five minutes away. One of my roommates was reading a book on her bed, resting from her partying the night before. I gathered the courage to ask her if she had any napkins on her since I had no idea where to buy some. She smiled and said yes in her Swedish accent and I thanked her over and over. I was so embarrassed but Ive learned, and now every time I travel, I always keep five things in mind:

Pack your essentials.

Wherever youre going, youre not going to be 100% sure they will have what youll need. What if youre in a rural area far from a convenience store or a supermarket? What if they dont even carry the brand/kind of napkins you need?

During the first two days of our period is when 75% of liquids exit our bodies, so make sure you have a thick pad to avoid any leakage or stains. Modess All Night is perfect for the first two days because theyre 25% more absorbent than the regular kind, thus can absorb any sudden period gushes. The pads are thicker, longer, and wider.  Stock up on at least six of these and a few regular ones for the days your period is about to end.

You might be thinking, Thats just excess in my luggage!which might be a little true, but think of the convenience and the hassle-free worry of knowing you can easily reach for a pad when you absolutely need it.

Have plastic bags, some tissue and wet wipes with you.

Imagine this: youre traveling a third world country, in a very rural area, with basically no proper toilets or trash bins. What do you do with your used napkins? How do you clean up?

Buy some plastic bags you can get at supermarkets, they don’t have to be huge, something like a sandwich bag would do! Pack a few of these together with your tissue and your wet wipes. The next time you need to clean up, dont just leave your used napkins behind. Its unladylike and very rude! Place your mess in the plastic bag, knot it and throw it away at the nearest trash bin youll find as you go along!

Always bring pain reliever medicine

My choice of pain relievers is usually Advil. Nothing dampens your mood quicker than painful cramps. (Just be careful not to mix medicine with alcohol! Its a huge no-no!)

Stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothing

Sometimes feeling icky is a period symptom. I know I get it every time. I feel bloated, I feel gross and uncomfortable. You can lessen these by staying hydrated (it lessens the bloating!) and wearing loose clothing that means no tight skinny jeans that could be pressing on your abdomen! When I have my period, I like to wear lose shorts, skirts, or even dresses. If youre worried your pad might move around, double up on the underwear. I swear by this and Ive done it a few times!

Just have fun!

The worst thing you can do is let your period ruin your trip. Its a situation you can definitely take control of, so dont fret. Its just a small blip. Your trip is going to be something youll always remember so focus on looking at historic monuments, admiring art in museums, enjoying the local cuisines, and making memories.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Modess. All thoughts, words, and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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We Made it to Paris!


It’s currently 5 minutes to 2 in the afternoon, and Gab and I have been traveling for more than 24 hours running on about 4 hours of sleep each. We’ve been lugging around our heavy backpacks and extra luggage, barely eating, barely sleeping, navigating through London airports and finally making our way to Paris, to the very same flat I stayed when I visited 2 years ago. Continue Reading

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Travel Plan Updates:

I’m sure you’ve noticed the absence of new posts on my blog. Aside from the fact that I’m now starting to vlog, other life things have been getting in the way… Mostly travel things. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know all about my French visa dilemmas and the constant stress of this Eurotrip planning.

You’re probably wondering, “It’s just a Eurotrip, why are you so stressed?” and to be honest, it’s because I’ve also been planning to do a language buddy homestay program in France after the Eurotrip with Gab. I never really talked about this part of my plan because I wanted to make sure it was do-able. So aside from planning a one month trip around Europe, I was also planning my homestay — and then to make things even more stressful, I experienced my NBI clearance getting delayed, hence my visa interview getting pushed back which resulted to a domino effect of my passport getting wet during a trip to El Nido, having to wait days to get it replaced, finally applying for a Type D French visa while the agency hasn’t given me my family, ultimately leading to my visa getting denied and then re-applying but for a Schengen visa this time only to realize I was missing one very important requirement (Attestation D’accueil — a formal certificate from the city hall of the city where my host lives) that needed to be snail mailed to me because the embassy requires an original copy. Obviously there wasn’t enough time for this because I actually just got my host family last week! So, you can say it’s been a pretty crazy September. I don’t remember a time where I cried this much in an entire month, quite honestly!

Everything else with my Eurotrip planning is falling into place, to the point where even certain companies and I have come to an agreement to work together on this trip! Everything is going great, except for the most important thing: the Schengen visa, which ultimately determines if I get to go on this trip or just tour the UK for one entire month; which, hey, isn’t so bad! It just wasn’t my ultimate goal.

I’m usually a very positive person, but when my visa got denied, it took a long way down and the harder I fell. It really traumatised me. And then it angered me even more that just because of circumstance of being a Philippine passport holder we have to work hard to prove we have no intentions of illegally living abroad, and that we travel for travel’s sake. I guess it was also silly of me to be overly positive and confident that my visa would get approved. It’s just I let myself believe what everyone was saying, that being granted a visa now would be as easy as 1, 2, 3 because I’ve been granted a Schengen before (and by the German embassy at that — one of the toughest) and I currently have a valid U.S. and U.K. visa — but NOPE. I read another blog who was in the same situation, and her Spanish Schengen was denied too. So, you can see where the constant worry comes from.

Anyway, I’m just grateful I have my U.K. visa and I’ll still be able to visit next week. If anything, I can use the money I saved up to go to the U.S. instead. Maybe see New York? Who knows? I can go anytime with my 10 year visa. There’s the silver lining in all this. I just have to keep remembering that despite not getting what I want, my situation ain’t that bad.

How’s everyone doing this week? I’m genuinely curious. I need to get all this travel stuff out of my head. It’s driving me nuts!

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A Week in the Life: Vlog #1

I’m so excited to have started vlogging on YouTube! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for so long and now I’m taking the time to start, just in time for my Eurotrip next month! I also really like that vlogs are a different way to show you guys what my life is like through audio and visual, because I find that blog posts are just worlds different!

My apologies for crappy video/audio quality because I was experimenting between the iPhone and my Fujifilm X-A2. I’ve decided to invest in a vlogging camera which I’m buying tomorrow. I’m so excited! :D

I hope you guys enjoy the vlog, and I’m so happy to finally start a new chapter in blogging — I hope you stick around for the changes because I would really love it if you would!

Stay wild, stay curious, keep exploring. I love you, my Wildlings! <3