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So… What’s Fox & Bear?

Last month, Gab and I decided we’d like to start an Instagram page together, just to document our life, our travels and the other shenanigans we get into. I noticed how we never really share anything about our life together except maybe on Snapchat, but they’re just mostly selfies, or on my blog. I wanted a different outlet of just photos and short captions and so @fox.and.bear on Instagram was born. Continue Reading

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My Birthday Getaway at Pagbilao, Quezon (Borawan)

pagbilao-quezonLiving in the Philippines means having thousands upon thousands of beaches to visit on account of the 7,107 islands that make this country. On my 26th birthday, Gab and I decided to pack up the car and drive a few hours to the town of Padre Burgos in Pagbilao, Quezon, relying only on the ever so glitchy Waze app. The trip took around 4 hours, and I fell asleep halfway through. I woke up when Gab needed help in looking for the pier in the town where we were supposed to meet with our boatman. We got lost at first, overshooting the sign “Barangay Campo Pier” which was easily missable, but the boatman was cool enough to have one of his people meet us in the town proper and lead us to the right direction. Continue Reading

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Paris, France Vlog: Part I

The date is the first week of October, Gab and I finally made our way to Paris after what felt like such a long journey from the Philippines to London. We soldier on and try to break the jet lag, with me failing miserably — a little warning: I end up whining about being tired quite a few times. I promise you, that’s the first and last of it for the rest of the Eurotrip vlogs. This is the first two days of our stay in Paris. There may be 2 more vlogs in this Paris series.


Enjoy! :-)

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Start A New Life Adventure with Globe’s myStarter Plan

I’ve always craved living an independent life. No matter how tough or nerve-wracking it seemed, ever since I could remember, I just wanted to be a grown up. The thought of going through the adventure called life excited me. I know, I sounded like a weird kid, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one! Well, I’m here now, and although most days I question what I’m doing, there’s no doubt about how much I’m having fun. Graduating college and #adulting is one of the best experiences. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being independent, earning your own money and making your own decisions on where to spend it. I know I get some sort of thrill when I pay my bills, because it makes me feel alive. Continue Reading

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Exploring: Amsterdam

Amsterdam Netherlands 2015It rained the entire time majority of the time in Amsterdam. A stark difference from the last time I was there. It made the ambience of the city a little more charming, but somewhat depressing too (the cold + wet weather tends to do that to you). We didn’t have a set itinerary for Amsterdam, our mood being in a very “come what may” manner.

And so, we spent three days walking around, getting wet in the rain, checking out flea markets and book stores, meeting up with an old friend and visiting the red light district every night. Unfortunately, I was not as adventurous as I would’ve wanted. Maybe the third time I end up in Amsterdam I’ll gather up more courage to try a brownie or something. :-P Continue Reading

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The 3 Ways I Motivate Myself to get Stuff Done

I am innately lazy. The president of Procrastination Nation. The Queen of excuses and I’ll-just-do-it-tomorrow phrases. But if I want to progress in work and life, I need to find strategies that will help break myself away from putting things off, because if I didn’t, I would never get anything done. Ever.

My days are usually so busy with blog work (and now video editing), articles to draft, emails to read and reply to, client meetings or attending events — and so exerting double the effort in my daily tasks is not something new to me. It’s just sometimes, I need a little extra motivation to keep going! Here are the three ways I motive myself to get stuff done: Continue Reading