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VLOG: Cochem, Germany

I’ve got a thing for anything with lots of history, and so castles are always a must-visit for me whenever I travel to a region where they’ve got ’em. Months before our Eurotrip even became a plan, I’ve been randomly seeing a strikingly beautiful medieval castle but I never found out its name. I just knew it was beautiful, it existed and that someday I’d somehow see it with my own eyes.

When planning our Eurotrip happened, I remembered the castle and decided to do a reverse image search on Google and it turned out to be called Burg Eltz, and it was within our western Europe route for the trip. Cochem turned out to be a town near Burg Eltz, so I decided to make it our home base, which was perfect cause Cochem had their own castle too called Reichsburg.

I’ve written about Reichsburg and Burg Eltz before, so if you’d like to see photos aside from the vlog, you can find them here & here.

Enjoy the vlog! :-)

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VLOG: Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Going up to Jungfraujoch was one of the ultimate highlights of our trip. We had our reservations about spending at least 140 CHF each to go up for a few hours, with no guarantee for clear weather. However, The Universe was on our side that day. Jungfraujoch and the nearby alpine villages were worth every single cent. I think this video will speak for itself ;-)

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VLOG: Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland. Painstakingly expensive, but amazingly beautiful. The first part of Fox & Bear’s Switzerland vlog covers our arrival in Bern and visiting the city for a day.

I’m also trying out a new editing style in regards to color grading, let me know if you like it or prefer the original colors of the video? I personally like this look, but if it’s not looking great on your laptop, do let me know. :-)


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My Must-Have Carry-On Bag Essentials

cabin-zero-post-2-coverI’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the past year, and so it’s safe to say I’ve experienced enough blunders and road bumps to learn from travel mistakes — the biggest of which is packing wrong. I’m generally a no-fuss travel packer. I like to keep my baggage to a minimum, and I honestly never understood how some people could travel to a place for a week and bring XL sized luggages… I mean, what have you got in there? A chair? Okay, fine. I’ve done it (use XL luggage, not bring a chair) but only because I had no choice, Japan was freezing cold and the winter wear is thick, so I needed the space! – but generally, for all my other travels, I prefer and try to travel “light”. Proof? I traveled around Europe twice, once for 2 weeks and another for a month, with nothing but a backpack — I survived.

Now, whenever I pack my carry-on bag, I have a few essentials I need to keep in mind to keep myself as stress free as possible. Lord knows blunders are about to happen, this way I can keep it to a minimum. You might find these useful, and if you do, you can thank me later.

My Must-Have Carry-On Bag Essentials

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Visual Diary: Lee Denim Days

Lee Denim Days (16 of 32)A few weeks ago I attended the Lee Denim Days event at Robinson’s Manila to check out their JADEFUSION Denim collection and to visit their store and even do a bit of denim shopping myself. I’m a huge fan of denim and I believe that denim is a classic piece in every person’s wardrobe (both men and women), and I can never have just one. I need them in the form of pants, shorts, overalls, shirts, dresses – heck, at one point I even had a bustier crop top that was in denim. Continue Reading

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Exploring: Mt. Fuji & Yokohama

mtfuji-yokohama-wild-spirit-blog-cover(Read part one & part two of my Japan trip)

Our last two days, before heading back home to sunny hot manila, was spent exploring the region of Mt. Fuji and Yokohama. Our 3rd morning brought gray skies, a little drizzle that soon turned to very light snowfall, which was nothing entirely exciting. Our tour guide warned us that the weather didn’t look ideal to see Mt. Fuji, but with high hopes we boarded our tour bus and embarked on a two hour bus ride towards our first stop: Gotemba. Continue Reading