Currently Channeling: Monochrome

Fashion // 24 October 2014 // 6 Comments

Currently channeling monochrome looks (with a hint of pastel?), featuring my ultimate favorite and must have wardrobe essential: WHITE SNEAKERS. All caps is necessary for the intensity of my love for white sneakers… I featured a Bensimon pair simply because I’ve outworn all my white sneakers (I buy cheap ones) and a few weeks ago, I visited Common Thread in Rockwell for the A Style Fit For You contest where I had to dress up one lucky winner, Sharleene Solis, and while I was styling her I kept picking shoes that I loved (Luckily, we had the exact same style! Minimalist, laid back yet still chic) and I fell definitely in love with the way Bensimon sneakers looked. I wanted so many pairs, but alas, my wallet isn’t able to take it. I may also be a little biased, but when I found out that Bensimon is a French brand, I swooned and loved it even more. I want to walk the streets of Paris wearing a pair, because I so desperately want to be French, it’s insane. (Also, don’t give me that “Parisians don’t wear sneakers.” crap, because I saw a few of them… This is 2014, not all Parisians are snobby and brand conscious. Haha)

Also, apparently, my laid back lazy way of dressing is now considered very fashionable in the form of “Normcore”, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this! Haha It’s interesting, it’s basically saying anyone can be a little fashionable now. If anyone sees me looking average, they can no longer say I don’t have style — because I’m NORMCORE. Harhar.

Originally I made this for Twitter/Instagram, but I decided to share it on my blog as well! I’ve been getting more and more excited about fashion lately, finally, after a year of shunning away anything fashion related because the last year of fashion school burned me out and to say the least, turned me off, too. It’s a long story that involves being overworked by and unprofessional and sometimes even unreasonable professors. But enough about that boring old story… I’m excited about fashion again, and tonight I’ll be attending the Suiteblanco, Sfera and Uno de 50 Spring/Summer 2015 Philippine Fashion Week show! I’m so excited to cover it, and hopefully get enough photos to blog about it! (My attention span is close to zero, so let’s hope I don’t get carried away and completely forget to use my iPhone camera!)

What current looks are you loving lately? Share them with me, as I’m always looking for new fashion inspiration! :D

All About The New Gardenia Cream Roll + Win Prizes!

Sponsored // 24 October 2014 // 0 Comments


The Gardenia Cream Roll is a fun, delicious, accessible, and affordable snack that comes in the form of a hotdog bun filled with creamy, frosty filling, inspired by our all-time favorite ice cream flavors! They come in Cheese, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Ube, Choco Strawberry, and Rocky Road flavors. It’s a great snack to bring as baon and share with your barkada at school or on trips. The best part? It only costs Php 10 each! You can also buy the barkada pack that includes 4 different flavors for Php 40 only, to share with your friends in school, the office or barkada trips, and win exciting gadgets by joining their Txt to Win promo!


I took the liberty of trying out the flavors myself, and also shared it with Gab and other family members at home. Upon trying out all the flavors, I think my favorite would definitely have to be the choco strawberry! I’m a huge fan of anything strawberry and chocolate – so put together it’s a definite win for me! Though the other flavors taste just as good and very much like the ice cream flavors they claim to be.  Because this is a bread snack, eating one can easily fulfill your hunger — at Php 10 a piece, it really ain’t so bad! Gardenia is my favorite brand for bread products, and this Cream Roll snack definitely does not disappoint!

Photo Oct 22, 10 29 37 AM
Gardenia is currently having a Gardenia Cream Roll Text To Win Promo, you can win prizes such as GoPro Cameras, a Samsung S5, Samsung 7.0 tablets, and Samsung Dualview cameras! All you have to do is buy a Gardenia Cream Roll Barkada Pack, send the promo code to 2948 and register to validate your entry. For more information on this promo, you can visit their Facebook page. This promo will run from October 15 to November 30, 2014 only.

I’m joining to test my luck ;) Couldn’t hurt, right? I could use a Samsung Dualview camera! Haha

To keep updated with Gardenia’s events and promos you can follow their websiteFacebookTwitter & Instagram.


The Beginning of a Calligraphy-venture

Personal // 22 October 2014 // 15 Comments

I’ve embarked on a new creative journey in the form of Calligraphy writing! I’ve been wanting to do Calligraphy ever since 80% of my Pinterest feed featured the beauty of it on cards, letters, posters, etc. I never actually thought I could do it. But over the past few weeks, I’ve taken notice of local artists doing calligraphy and lettering, and I thought, “Hmm, I should give it a shot one time!” but alas, National Bookstore did not carry proper calligraphy pens (well, they did but they weren’t what I wanted) and then I saw Kimi suddenly tweeting her stuff which inspired me even more to start.

I finally got my dip pen + nibs yesterday, but because I didn’t order any ink, I just improvised and used watercolor + watercolor ink in black. Below are a few of my first few attempts and I must say, I did a pretty good job! To be fair, before this, I was practicing on a fountain pen which was also a lot harder to handle. I thought using a dip pen would be much harder, but it’s actually easier!

UntitledUsing: Brause Nib Holder (light) + Brause Steno nib

As pictured above, I’ve been practicing using the Brause Steno nib. I actually have two more nibs, the Tachikawa G nib and the Brause 66 EF nib… I’ll be practicing writing with those tonight. For the life of me, I don’t really notice a HUGE different between all three nibs, but I’m fairly certain it’s because I’m either not putting enough pressure or the difference is so subtle that I’m just oblivious to it! We shall see, as I go along this Calligraphy-venture! I also really enjoyed experimenting with mixing watercolors like the middle photo in the top row. You can’t really tell but the colors mix beautifully! It’s so therapeutic, to be honest.

If you’re interested in venturing into calligraphy as well, you can check out Create by TLF, Craft Carrot, & Swirls and Strokes PH for any craft needs!

I can’t wait to keep creating! :)

If you have favorite quotes for me to write, do let me know! I could send you a photo of it when I’m done! :)

S/S 2015 Philippine Fashion Week: Suiteblanco, Sfera & Uno de 50 + A Giveaway

Fashion // 20 October 2014 // 2 Comments

Ever since I graduated from fashion school last year, I took a break from all things fashion related. It wasn’t because I was no longer interested in it, I did spend 2 whole years finishing my majors, but more of just tired and ready to explore new roads… But slowly, I think I’m starting to get a whole lot interested in fashion again. I find myself admiring fabrics, patterns, silhouettes and designs. So here comes my utter excitement when I received an email about being invited to attend the S/S show of three European brands hailing from Spain: Suiteblanco, Sfera & Uno de 50! …And guess what? I’ve got tickets for you to come, too!

But first, a little introduction and background on each brand, yes?



Spanish fashion label Suiteblanco ups its fashion cred and takes shopping to the next level by bringing its A game to the runway. Cut for sartorial splendor, Suiteblanco speaks to young, modern women with an uninhibited urban spirit who aspire for the latest styles that are affordable, which gives them more freedom with their spending.

Reviving timeless classic silhouettes, from circle skirts to fit-and-flare dresses, Suiteblanco’s Fall Winter theme is all about the merge of modern feminine and sleek minimalism. Black, white and gray pieces set the stage for the monochrome mood of the season.

Suiteblanco’s selection of beautiful tops and outerwear creates a fascinating fashion story that centers on dramatic texture and attention to details.
What can we expect from Suiteblanco’s current Fall/Winter collection? 

Denim styled renditions, animal prints in lush materials, strong timeless appeal in my mythic proportions and a rigmarole of festive prints and aboriginal styles which lend a hippie flair to any luxe outfit.



The Popular Fashion Brand from Spain, owned by The El Corte Ingles Group, reveals classic, stylish, and elegant looks for the Runway. Manila expert shoppers will surely take note of the sophisticated, quality, and elegant clothing seen first-hand in Philippine Fashion Week.

Originating from Madrid, (S f e r a) is a fashion chain that exemplifies contemporary Spanish style, the network of branches spans to 216 stores all over the world—from its origins in Spain, the (S f e r a) brand influence has extended to an international network with stores in Portugal, Greece, Mexico, Peru and the Middle East.

SFERA MUJER 23-6-141472_20140717180103

What can we expect from Sfera’s current Fall/Winter collection?

Color palettes such as khaki, green, red, blue, and gray, dense prints showcasing butterflies on trousers, shirts and dresses that pay tribute to spring, a throwback to the 60’s with leopard prints in camel tones, monochrome looks and knitted fabrics, bulky wools and tight skirts.

Uno de 50

A_6550444 - 800

The search for yourself, a journey without a map or a compass, involves connecting with your surroundings. You are not in the environment; you are part of it. What at one point was contact or sense has now become a connection. UNOde50 searches inside each person to show that what defines them is not just an accessory, but rather part of them.

UNO de 50 has 501 of its own shops in Spain and over 25 abroad in some of the world’s top fashion capitals—New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, Milan, Rome, and Amsterdam.


The autumn-winter collection of UNOde50 is inspired by the sensations experienced by the human being on coming into contact with nature in its purest form.

The Connection collection falls into 4 lines. The first of these is based on the human connection on coming into contact with the winter forest. The jewels come in shapes to be found in the forest in the winter season: drops of frozen dew, stalactites or pebble stones, as well as other natural elements such as insects or berries and the seeds that precede the arrival of the first snowfalls.

Photo Oct 20, 2 29 36 PM

I’m giving away 6 F/W 2014 Philippine Fashion Week passes to 3 lucky winners for the Suiteblanco, Sfera and Uno de 50 shows on October 24 (Friday) at 9PM :)

***NOTE: For the tweet option for the giveaway, kindly click the “tweet” button to tweet (a window will popup) and then proceed to click the “I tweeted!” button after!

Join below & GOOD LUCK!
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Life Lately

Life Lately // 17 October 2014 // 8 Comments

Life lately has been all about…

Heading home for a few days to spend time with family
A new miracle oil I absolutely have fallen in love with
Family pets and their utter cuteness
Finally chopping my hair to practically above the shoulder length — and it’s absolutely cute
Been wanting to learn Calligraphy, so mom gave me her old Calligraphy pen from 1993!
Appreciating sights and gems around the metro
Seeing the boyfriend despite our crazy schedules — it’s like the honeymoon stage all over again
Spending time with my baby sister Sam and witnessing her sassy-ness
Event invitations has got me all excited… Sunnies Birthday Bash & PFW!

I know we’re only halfway through October but I’m already so excited for November for various reasons, aside from being featured in 3 magazines, I also start makeup classes at The Makeup Secrets School in Robinson’s Manila. I’ve heard good things about the school, and have also seen the work of their previous students and they’re all amazing!

I wanted to share a photo from my last photoshoot for PEG Magazine, to show you one of the reasons I want to take up makeup artistry.

Here are four different looks, Naughty & Nice, and I do look naughty and nice accordingly! That’s how amazing Ana Victorino, the makeup artist for the shoot, is. She’s a YouTube beauty guru, and she’s completely self taught! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Total inspiration peg. I want to be able to do makeup so great the person’s beauty is enhanced, or totally changed if needed! So, if you ever need makeup services……… YOU KNOW WHO TO CALL. Haha

Hope everyone will have a great weekend! I’m spending mine doing work illustrations, doing Calligraphy exercises, and watching Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Lipsticks For Every Skin Tone

Beauty, Make-up // 13 October 2014 // 27 Comments

After scouring the web doing research on which lipstick shades fit every kind of skin tone, I decided to illustrate my top 10 favorite lipstick shades, which I think will truly flatter any pale, olive, warm, cool, dark, tan skin tone you may have!

One of my makeup goals is to purchase every lipstick shade on this list… It’s a lot, but hey, a girl can dream! I already own the Rimmel London Kate 01 red lipstick and it’s absolutely gorgeous on the lips! Definitely one of my favorites, and would use it over my MAC Russian Red any day, because it’s not as drying!

I always get inquiries about which lipstick shade would look good on so-and-so skin tones. I honestly don’t know, I have yet to truly understand which shades go with warm/cool undertones. I took it upon myself to finally do some research and scoured beauty websites who have tried and tested it… I, for one, don’t really follow any rules when it comes to what makeup colors I should wear that best fit me. I always believed that you can get away with wearing any kind of shade of lipstick (or makeup, for that matter) as long as you wore it with confidence. I don’t remember a time I ever looked at someone and thought, “Hey, their lipstick shade doesn’t suit them.” because majority of people who wear lipstick, wear it with utmost confidence. It’s all about loving what you’re wearing wearing it well that matters :)

Just remember, makeup is a form of self expression! You don’t always have to follow rules ;)