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July Inspiration

Inspirational Quote 1 - Chase Your Dreams

A little July inspiration of a quote I randomly came across online for all you Wildlings. I think this was the year I decided to really go after my dreams and turn them into plans, the year I decided not to let my circumstances get in the way, the year I decided to just jump and throw caution to the wind and just learn to have faith… The closer I get to October, the more I believe in myself and how capable I am of reaching for my goals.

I read somewhere that the more you see your dreams as actual plans, the more likely you are to go after and pursue them. This is so true. After my 2013 Eurotrip, it was a dream of mine to one day go back, I had no specific timeframe in mind because I knew money, especially in a third world country, is harder to come by due to wages… But my dream was a dream I have always wanted to pursue no matter what. I was constantly captioning my Instagram photos with things like, “I swear I’ll be back one day.” and while I was touring, I would skip out on certain places and think, “I’ll be back one day anyway, I’ll see this part then and skip it now.”

Initially I had no plans of going back to Europe so soon because I was dealing with a midlife crisis where I felt like I needed to fit into a certain role at 24, to land a job and to earn money for my future family. But because Gab was always planning his trip to London to watch Hamlet in October, the idea of me tagging along with him went from a joke, to an actual “Oh my gosh, we should totally do it.” plan. So his original plan of a solo trip to London became a full blown Eurotrip together.

Which reminds me of a post I did in January 2014 on my Life Goals and I wrote:

2-3 Years (26 years old)

  • Will have earned enough money to move to NYC with Gab
  • Continue my career in retail or makeup
  • Start savings account for future children (Oh man)
  • Continue to run Wild Spirit (Don’t think I’ll ever leave, you guys)
  • Visit other states in the USA
  • Or visit Europe once again, a second Eurotrip with Gab this time.

How crazy is it that a year later I managed to get at least half (assuming the world doesn’t end before October and I WILL be going to Europe) and even before the age of 26! I may not have saved enough money to move to NYC yet, and let’s face it I was a little naive to think I can save up for NYC and do a Eurotrip simultaneously, like that’s hilarious. As for retail, I don’t think I’ll ever get into that but makeup is still something really fun to do… Besides, I have another year left to achieve the rest. Haha

All I’m saying is this: your dreams will happen if you make the active choice to do something every single day to get closer to achieving them.

You got this!

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Afterthoughts: Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser

safeguard derma senseA few weeks ago I wrote an initial review for Safeguard’s new line of anti-acne products called Derma Sense. Safeguard Derma Sense is available in two variants, for acne prone skin and for sensitive skin. Derma Sense is dermatologically tested to reduce mild to moderate acne by cleaning not just the skin’s surface but neutralising acne-causing germs deep down in the pores, which helps in giving you healthy, beautiful skin.  Continue Reading

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Mixtape Mondays: Vol. 8

mixtape mondays 8

I come bearing a new playlist for you folks who are looking to discover new music. Say goodbye to June and hello to July with this playlist which I couldn’t be bothered naming because, well, there’s no theme! Haha Whenever I’m browsing for new music (Take Me To Church by Hozier isn’t new to me though… But I felt like including it anyway), I tend to save the new ones in a playlist and then create a Mixtape Monday playlist from there. I hope you like it!

You can listen to the songs below or follow the playlist on Spotify :)

I wish everyone a great week! Let’s welcome July with happy vibes! <3

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A Beautiful Smile with Colgate Optic White Plus Shine

They say that the most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile on your face, this saying is something I’ve always believed in because it’s a universal truth. A smile lights up your face, makes you feel good and it’s so contagious that usually a smile will make others smile too.

As someone who is always looking to evolve her personal style and aesthetic, taking care of my body is important to me and my teeth are of no exception. I find that proper dental care isn’t high in most people’s priority list, when it should be, and that includes keeping our teeth clean and white. After years of having braces back in high school and at the start of my college years, I experienced some discoloration caused by the length I had braces on my teeth. My dentist suggested to continually use whitening toothpaste to help lighten my teeth a bit and because I’ve grown up with Colgate being my number one brand of choice when it comes to dental hygiene, I’ve been using Colgate Optic White on and off for years. Continue Reading

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Two Good Reasons to Stay Active During Your Period

3038D6279EBeing a woman means dealing with Aunt Flo coming to visit every month; these visits are majority of the time unexpected and sometimes out of our control, and our lives for the next few days would revolve around it. We start to feel “out of it” and choose to just wallow in bed in misery, we’d worry about getting period stains if we move around too much, avoid wearing white, basically just letting our periods control us. But here’s some good news, you CAN control how you feel during your period and it shouldn’t get in the way of living an active lifestyle, or your work, or going out there and doing things.

There’s a stigma that has been around for years that it’s impossible to stay active during our monthly periods due to PMS, feeling sluggish, or just letting the chances of period stains get in the way of things, and for a good while I followed this stigma until I realised that my period shouldn’t be getting in the way of me doing weekly workouts or moving around in fear of period stains in public or feeling too sluggish to move around. After a few months of continuously doing light work outs weekly with or without my period, it’s been tried, tested and proven by myself that staying active during your period is a good thing.

Two Good Reasons to Stay Active During Your Period:

Continue Reading