DMC: Dare your Mind to Create

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I’m a frustrated arts and crafts-er despite being an artistically inclined person. I always seem to want to start projects and learn new crafts, but halfway through I start to either get bored with it or I’d forget to continue. Well two weeks ago, DMC, my favorite go-to shop for thread and needlework supplies, invited me and a few bloggers for an afternoon lunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club to introduce and talk to us about arts, crafts, and 7 women who currently dominate the world of it. After the short but inspiring event, I was more than determined to get back on continuing some projects I’ve started!
UntitledWe were greeted with displays of different kinds of crafts from embroidery, knotting, dreamcatchers, string art, knitting, crochet and cross-stitching among others.

UntitledUntitledUpon approaching our table, I was greeted with this adorable place card with my name on it, and and even more adorable flower holder in the form of thread stacked on top of each other! (I may or may not be stealing this idea–you’re welcome to steal it too *wink wink*)

As we were served food, we watched short videos introducing each of the 7 ladies and their history with their crafts.

UntitledAppetizer: Fried potatoes and sausages

UntitledAppetizer: French Fries in a jar and mango iced tea

UntitledMain course: Adobo flakes on rice (SO GOOD! 10/10 would recommend!)


Dessert: I forgot what this was called but I think it was some sort of french toast with nutella. (oops, I forgot to ask, I just scarfed it down)

 Introducing the 7 women who dare you to Dare your Mind to Create:

UntitledKarla Quisimbing, Mikko Sumulong, Trey Ajusto

UntitledLenora Cabili, Marielle Nadal-Reyes, Candy Reyes-Alipio

(photo credits to Tippy of GoogleyGooeys!)

*not in photo: Alessandra Lanot, she was abroad during the event but prepared a video for us to watch as well to know all about her craft and advice to all who want to make and do arts and crafts

7 Advice from these inspiring crafters:

  1.  Take something ordinary, pair it with something unexpected to create something extraordinary  –Alessandra Lanot
  2. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You can make anything with your hands as long a you put your mind to it. –Candy Reyes-Alipio
  3. Go for it. Be adventurous. Create something that you love. –Karla Quisimbing
  4. Start small. Don’t go for big projects and you get discouraged halfway through cause it’s taking so long. –Lenora Cabili
  5. See the potential in things. –Marielle Nadal-Reyes
  6. Never be afraid to make mistakes. –Mikko Sumulong
  7. Know the basics. Don’t be limited by the misconception about the craft. –Trey Ajusto

After the event, we were given a canvas bag full of crafts made by each of the 7 women we met that day. They literally handmade something for each of us! I think my favorite would have to be the dreamcatcher, definitely :)

DMC handcrafted leaflet front 55 x 85
If you want to meet these amazing women, DMC is holding a craft fair entitled DMC Handcrafted to reach those who want to start crafting and those who are already into crafting. It will be held on the weekend of January 30 to February 1 at Century City Mall Event Center, where you can also buy handmade pieces or make your own little projects. Partner crafters will be at the fair to hold workshops for those who want to learn new skills.

For more detailed information, refer to the posters below:

DMC handcrafted leaflet back 55 x 85

I, for one, have been itching to start on my embroidery projects again. Last year, I went on a shopping spree at DMC in SM Megamall for embroidery thread and tools. I somehow stopped on my project but after the event, it has sparked up my interest in the craft again! So, shall I see you on the weekend of January 30 to February 1? I hope so!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for DMC. The thoughts and opinions on this post are entirely my own.


The Happy List: Vol. 23

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UntitledThings that have been making me happy lately…

  1. Errands with my boyfriend that feels like spontaneous date
  2. When work feels more like a vacation
  3. Re-reading my favorite books, which right now would be Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies (10/10 would recommend for WWII junkies and Anne Frank fans!)
  4. My mom’s heartfelt 50th birthday surprise party
  5. Seeing my family again
  6. Binge watching Downton Abbey
  7. Taking walks with Gab as a form of exercise
  8. Taking short social media breaks
  9. My on a whim decision to order a bucket of crabs, shrimp, squid and mussels and polishing it off in one sitting
  10. Cuddling in bed while watching YouTube videos or browsing through Reddit while Gab browses through Amazon/OLX/apartment searching.

I’m currently at Balesin for NIVEA, one of my most trusted skincare brands! I’m here with a few other bloggers for 2 nights and 3 days of just fun in the sun, some activities and whatnot. I’m sure by now you’ve seen a few posts here and there on social media… But definitely there will be more in a form of a blog post soon ;) As far as I know, Balesin is members only, so I think I got pretty darn lucky to be able to go for a few days! Can’t wait to show you guys more soon! :)


What I Wore: On The Edge

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what i woreI’m glad to be back with another What I Wore post for Wild Spirit! If you remember a few what I wore blog posts ago, I mentioned not wanting to do too much of it in hopes that people will stop associating me with being a fashion blogger. But my personal style is part of my lifestyle, and so the occasional outfit posts for the blog is here to stay — yay!

Last week, specifically on the 13th of January, all personal errands and work fell on just one day. I was up early in the morning for passport renewal, a quick lunch date with Gab, an event for DMC and then a meeting with Bensimon. I even had another event for L’Oreal but couldn’t make it, which was a shame because you all know how much I love makeup. It was for their new 12 hour wear face powder — but an entirely different blog post for that soon!

Since I recently dyed my hair back to a dark shade, close to my natural hair color which is very dark ash brown, I’ve finally been able to achieve my desire of looking more edgy and chic in my clothing. Gab was right, me with dark hair spells out mysterious. When I had unnatural colored hair, especially pastel, I looked too cutesy and bubbly which is ironically so unlike me, to be honest.

Imagine if I still had blue, or purple, or pink hair — it doesn’t seem like it would fit my entire look for this outfit, would it? Part of the reason I love my dark hair now is that I feel more freedom with my wardrobe color choices, mixing and matching and no clashing can ever really happen. Black (or just really dark hair) goes with everything!
These photos were taken at the Leica Club Manila in Century City Mall. It’s a cool gallery to visit if youre into photography. It’s not a huge exhibit, though, but still worth checking out as I doubt it’ll be around forever!

Anyway, happy hump day to you! I hope everyone is having a great midweek so far. I just received an email confirming a work trip to the island of Balesin next week and I’m so excited! I realized I didn’t have a lot of beach wear, and whatever I did have I gave away last year. Eep. I’m definitely not a summer type person, eh? Ironically enough I love the beach, playing in the sand, snorkeling and all that jazz. I just never have the proper clothes for the tropics despite living in an entirely tropical country. Yes, I’m weird. When I shop, I go straight for knits, jumpers, pullovers and in autumn colors too. I think this calls for contacting the women in my life and humbly asking to raid their closets. :P Let’s cross our fingers that they say yes.

Talk again soon <3

The Sunday Currently Vol.09

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Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah. I first heard about this book through my sister, Cat, telling me our mom made her read it at a very young age. I found my copy at Book Sale 2 days ago and I’m halfway through the book. Never in my life have I ever felt so much frustration! If you like non-fiction, then this is a great book to read :) If you’ve got more nonfiction books for me to read, please recommend me some!!! I really like this genre :)

I’m in dire need of updating this blog. I’ve been working on posts for work in general, but I’ve also got some personal posts to be typed up soon. When I’m not writing for work, I’m reading. Hehe, sorry about that.

Gab just downloaded Spotify and he’s got some Jazz music playlist playing at the moment.

What we’ll be having for dinner and if Taken 3 will be any good!

The makeup on my face. If there’s anything I dislike, it’s the smell of makeup. Even if I don’t have a lot of it on, I can just smell it and it gets annoying. HOW TO FIX THIS.

to finally receive the emails I’ve been waiting for.

The cold weather we’ve been having will stay quite a long while.

Black skinnies, black jumper and gray plimsolls.

My current dark ash brown hair. I think I’m done with colors, you guys!

For the months to go by faster, to be honest. I’m still overly excited for my planned trips. Haha

An english breakfast iced tea fix, more work so I can save up but also shop

Really, really, really hungry.

Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Not much, I haven’t really been online today because I’ve been busy reading. Also, I’m now googling any fixes on how to minimize the smell of makeup on my face, evidently there doesn’t seem to be a fix. I kind of was expecting this, considering the smell is in the makeup itself but you never know what invention people may come up with — it’s 2015 afterall. Haha

I hope everyone is enjoying their very long holiday, thanks to Pope Francis gracing us with his wonderful presence here in the Philippines! I did not get to see him, but that’s just more motivation to visit the Vatican in the future and see him there ;-)

The Sunday Currently is a blog link-up by siddathornton.

Goals for 2015

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2015 goalsWe’re a little halfway through the first month of January and I’ve finally decided to round up my goals for the year. It’s taken me a while because I wasn’t actually sure what I wanted to achieve this 2015. Prior to writing this blog entry, I found my resolutions for 2014 that I had written right before the year hit — Did I achieve any of my resolutions? Unfortunately, the answer is no. I had not. In fact, reading through it I kept thinking, “This entire list should be added to my 2015 goals.” but I had already finished writing my goals for this year and they were somewhat quite different. My 2015 goals are focused on growth and betterment of my overall well-being and far more achievable and real.

This 2015 my goals are to:

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Click + Read

Click + Read, Todays Special // 8 January 2015 // 2 Comments

todays specials vol 3

Click + Read: Internet Finds is a menu of articles I’ve stumbled upon on the web, and have liked, loved, found interesting, and just had to share with you. Enjoy!

1. I love when photographers recreate photos from past eras. It’s like a throwback tribute. This photographer recreated those weird and awkward portraits people thought were cool in the 80’s. Ironically, they’re something I’d consider cool right now, because they’re hilarious.

2. My favorite fictional family, The Addams Family, isn’t just my favorite because they’re all kinds of dark, creepy, kooky and eccentric. They’re my favorite because they uphold the real values families should have and this article explaining the irony of the Addams Family explains it all very well.

3. I’m a sucker for the “(x number) quick breakfasts/lunches/dinners meals” type of articles. The recipes on this list actually don’t seem that quick to make, but I guess it all depends on the availability of the ingredients and what you’d consider “quick”. I think 5-10 minutes is quick, anything above that? Not so much. This list of 19 quick lunches is worth trying though!

4. I love it when people on the internet gather art and then place captions on them. It’s freaking hilarious. This one is especially comedic gold.

5. I’m a huge history lover. I especially love it when I’m in the presence of history, because it feels like I’m thrown back in time. This WWI soldier’s life was basically frozen in time and it’s magnificent. One day I hope to be able to visit it.

6. For those who love to travel or plan to, here are 50 useful travel tips & tricks from people who work in the travel industry.

7. I’m glad I never had to have the awkward “sex and where do babies come from” conversation with my parents. I learned all about sex through movies, friends, books and magazines. Weirdly enough, when I do have children of my own, I would most likely sit them down just like this and explain it to them. I’m pretty sure it will be more awkward for them than it will be for me. Haha