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For The Love of Vintage: The Barber Family

29 September 2014

As I was scouring the web to collect vintage photo finds, it suddenly dawned on me… Why not share some photos of my family from way back? The Barber family has a Facebook group where we keep each other updated with what’s happening, photos from the present and the past, share stories, and what have you. Unfortunately (and fortunately) the Barber family is the closest I can get to finding out what my heritage is, where I came from, the history of who I am… Families sometimes break apart, have issues, lose contact and so it’s quite hard for me to trace a lot of my heritage, especially on my mother’s side. All I know is that my maternal 3x grandfather was part of the KKK (Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan) (not to be confused as the Klu Klux Klan!) and that as a Mercado, we are somewhat related to the Philippines’ National Hero Jose Rizal… But maybe more on that on a whole other post when I get more information. :-)

3x Great Grandpa Joe Henry Barber & 3x Great Grandma Luisa Barber
(Apologies for the blurry photo, I believe this wasn’t even scanned but photographed)

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Click + Read

Click + Read

28 September 2014

todays specials vol 2

Click + Read: Internet Finds is a menu of articles I’ve stumbled upon on the web, and have liked, loved, found interesting, and just had to share with you. Enjoy!

1. For the lazy and unskilled in the kitchen…. These three ingredient recipes are great for starters, or those who want to experiment a bit.

2. You can’t control what others think of you, so here’s an article to teach you how to not give a fuck what others think.

3. For the bloggers: how to approach brands and throw pitches/proposals for a collaboration. Some people ask me how I get sponsorships. Well, I have my ad agency who gives me big brands/companies, but there are also some very few chosen shops out there I’ve reached out to (ex. Funkystreaks) and pitched a marketing proposal so we can help each other grow. Sometimes you have to go out there and do things for yourself, and if it’s a great collaboration, then it’s a win/win for both ;)

4. I don’t have an exercising equipment except the treadmill at the condo gym, so this table showing body exercises without using any gym equipment is something really useful!

5. I’m a sucker for beauty tips, here’s 6 beauty tips I’ve come to find useful.

6. I’m always asked how I get great photos using my smartphone, I never really had a step by step process. I just make sure the exposure is good and I’m all set. But for those who are completely lost, here’s 7 tips for less terrible smartphone photos.

7. For the freelancers out there like me… You do know you can set your own salary, right? Know your worth! Read up, this changed my perspective.

8. When it comes to my blog & my brand, these 9 personal branding tips from a sexual entrepreneur who also happens to be a sex worker was just SO. ON. POINT. If you’re running a business, these tips are handy to know.

That’s all for today. I think 8 links isn’t enough for a month’s worth but I always forget to save the links I find interesting! *slap on the wrist* If you’ve got cool/interesting finds on the net, dont hesitate to share it below so others can read and enjoy them too! :)

Happy Sunday, Wildlings!


Bensimon x Camie Juan x YOU!

27 September 2014

Bensimon x Camie Juan

Here’s your chance to revamp your style with me! Not only that, you’ll also walk away with a pair of Bensimon sneakers and outfit accessories!

Here’s how: If you live in Metro Manila, just send Bensimon a private message on Facebook that tells us, in 300 words or less:
– Something about yourself!
– What occasion or activity you’d like to be dressed up for, and
– Why you should be selected to be a winner of Bensimon: A Style Fit For You.

Don’t forget to include your contact number, email address, and a full-body photo that shows off your personal style!

Send in your entries before 11:59 PM on September 28 (Sunday). We’ll be announcing the lucky winner on September 30 (Tuesday)!

I cant wait!!! :)

What I Wore

What I Wore: Tuesday / Sept 23

25 September 2014

An anon on ask.fm brought up the fact that I “no longer” post OOTD photos, as if it has always been a frequent post I’d do… I would just like to take the opportunity to remind you all that I am not a fashion blogger, I’m a lifestyle blogger (Yes, I’m looking at you iAcademy fashion students who told my friend Dk, your professor, that I’m a fashion blogger — I’m not. Haha) I do apologize if you want to see more What I Wore posts on my blog, but I purposely  don’t make it a regular thing because I’m trying not to be labeled as a Fashion blogger, considering I’m already being labeled as such even though I hardly write about fashion. But coincidentally enough, I did take a quick outfit post for the blog the day before the anon brought up the “issue” on ask.fm :)

WHAT I WORE LABELSginger hair c/o funkystreaks / gray camisole / high waist denim shorts / plaid flannel shirt / army brown jacket / black boots

Sometimes I feel torn between being edgy/grunge-y and going Parisian chic with the way I dress. I keep thinking I should just stick to one, instead of both — but whatever. I’m edgy at heart and I just can’t fight it. Maybe I can be Parisian Edgy Chic. I’ll make it a thing, if it isn’t already a thing. Haha My Docs are also still a pain to wear after more than 3 hours. It’s hard to break them in but I think I’ll just have to grin and bear it, and wear it 9/10 whenever I head out. Prepare to see a lot of my docs in photos/what I wore posts/in public if you ever see me. Haha

My Tuesday was spent doing a bit of shopping at MOA with Gab, having a late (and very unfulfilling) lunch at Chuck’s Deli at Serendra (their quality seemed to have changed), buying new succulents for my place at Market Market, and then hitting up the Gotham premier at Fully Booked.

Gotham turned out to have a GREAT season opener, and coming from a non-Batman fan I suppose that’s saying something… It was really cool to see Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Joker before they were even the villains they turned out to be. I’m a fan of back stories, especially when it comes to villains. I like to understand why they turned out to be the way they did, somehow trying to and ending up sympathizing with them — Ugh, I’m such a Pisces. Haha

Anyway, if you want to see more What I Wore posts, I promise to try posting as long as you all promise to stop labeling me a fashion blogger. Deal? Deal. ;-)



The Sunday (Wednesday) Currently Vol.8

24 September 2014


I’m currently writing this on my phone while getting my hair done for a shoot, I forgot I had this post queued for last Sunday but it never posted, so I’m editing it and posting it for today! Haha

R E A D I N G I’m starting on my first Murakami novel, Norweigan Wood. I heard I’ll most likely be a wreck after this. Bring. It. On.

W R I T I N G this post, work related posts, tweets

L I S T E N I N G to the sound of chitchat and the hair dryer, theyre doing my hair for a shoot.

T H I N K I N G of opportunities presented and why I still don’t feel like I deserve them (“imposter syndrome” attacking)

S M E L L I N G the lemony scent of hair spray

W I S H I N G everything goes smoothly and activities/work this week will be fruitful

H O P I N G for colder weather. I’m so done with Manila heat.

W E A R I N G black skinnies, white shirt, my doc martens

L O V I N G that honeymoon stage all over again

W A N T I N G a cold beverage, preferably berry flavored

N E E D I N G a boost of confidence

F E E L I N G excited, nervous, lucky, or blessed.

C L I C K I N G twitter, Instagram and ask.fm

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, it’s only Wednesday so there’s still a few days left to turn your week around if ever it isn’t quite going as planned, although I hope not! :)

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Life Lately

Life Lately

16 September 2014

IMG_3946.JPGLife lately has been all about…

Finally giving Ginger hair a shot, and I’m absolutely in love with it.
Attempting to eat healthier, by eating “clean”
Tried replicating Cafe Mary Grace’s Grilled Veggies on Focaccia, and it turned out GREAT
Starting up my work-out again, and this time being serious about it
Staying up late at night while browsing through Reddit — it’s addicting
Waking up at 9:30 am because my room gets so bright in the morning, but I don’t mind.
Reorganizing my work area + artworks + trying to keep inspired to keep creating
Currently struggling a wee bit financially because clients don’t know how to pay on time /sadface (the freelance life, the struggle is real)

Tomorrow, I’ll most likely be spending the day at The Fort. I plan to do a bit of plant shopping, pop over to the Nuffnang head office, and will definitely try to stay away from Fully Booked because I’m a little broke at the moment. Haha

How has everyone’s lives been lately? :)