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This Weekend: Spectrum Fair Manila

Spectrum Fair ManilaWith my co-models: Yuki, Martina, Daniel & Vince
What’s on me: Miss Jones by & Annie Lori Sandals @annieandlori

I’m so excited to announce that there’s a new indoor/outdoor fair coming this weekend called Spectrum Fair Manila! It’s one of the first of its kind in Metro Manila, and I promise you it’s going to be oh so good. To give you the gist of it, it’s going to be this coming weekend, September 5 – 6 at Whitespace Manila, with merchants from our favorite Instagram shops, food (omg the food), music, activities, etc. and entrance fee is only P150! I’ll most likely be there the whole afternoon on Saturday to shop and hang out with people, so please do stop by for some fun and I would love to meet you as well! Mini meet-up, yes? ;)

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adidas Originals x Pharell Williams Superstar Supershell

I have a thing for pristine white sneakers. They
re flattering, they look good and they go with every single piece in your closet. So when adidas invited me to visit the closest adidas store near me to check out the newly released Superstar Supershell collection by adidas Originals & Pharrell Williams, I instantly googled and fell in love. The shoes look so darn good, and it hurt a little knowing I wanted at least three pairs. Continue Reading

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Calling all the Lipstick Obsessed!

I’ve become somewhat of a lipstick hoarder since the last year of me getting more and more into makeup. I have more than 20 kinds of lipstick, ranging from high end to drugstore; I love them all, even though I only wear 4-5 shades. So imagine my excitement when I heard about SM’s month long Lipstick Festival. On July 29th, they had a 50% off offer for all lipsticks available at the SM Store Beauty section to celebrate International Lipstick Day. Much to my utter dismay, I couldn’t make it to the event, so I missed out on a lot of good deals! Continue Reading

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Travel Vlog: El Nido Palawan

el nido vlog

Trying my hand at vlogging, so please bear with me if the video isn’t very cohesive or the transitions are weird. I struggled a bit to vlog during the trip because I would sometimes forget or the footage wouldn’t look very good. I’ll eventually get better. :-P I hope you guys enjoy this vlog because I find that it’s so very different from a blog post. With a vlog, you can really get to see the images from my previous El Nido blog post come to life and even get snippets of moments I never captured through photos. :-)

Comments/suggestions/ideas on how to improve my vlogs would be greatly appreciated! I hope you like it :-)

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Exploring: El Nido, Palawan

el nido palawan BC“I need to explore this country more.” is a thought I often find myself having every single time I travel outside Metro Manila. I’m first to admit it’s easy for me to forget what a beautiful country we have because I’m so distracted by the horrible city that is Metro Manila.

Two weekends ago, I was reminded just how beautiful this country is when Spin Hostel El Nido invited me, Dianne, David and Vina to stay at their hostel and explore El Nido, Palawan. I had one whole day to explore before I had to go home, but despite the short trip, I was able to see El Nido in a very underrated way. Originally our itinerary included island hops and visiting lagoons, but because of the terrible weather due to a storm passing through, the coast guards had to cancel all sea trips to keep tourists and locals safe. So, how do you deal? Well, you explore the land! I’ve been to Coron before, and it basically looks exactly like El Nido, so I knew I wasn’t really missing out on much that day. It was perfect because I was able to see El Nido in a way most tourists choose not to unless they’re trapped on the island due to bad weather. Continue Reading

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French Classes, Catching up with Friends, Eating Lots of Food

life lately aug 16 2015

I started the week rushing to my first Intensive French class at Alliance Francais. The entire 3 and a half hours flew by and I have to admit I felt a little like Hermione for knowing a lot from the first lesson. I guess all my attempts to learn French on my own the past few years paid off. Gab picked me up after class and we had a quick lunch at Burger King before stopping by H&M and Forever 21 to do a wee bit of shopping. It’s 4 months before our 4 year anniversary, too! Continue Reading