Blackout Poetry: Vol. 01

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UntitledBlackout poetry, started by author Austin Kleon, is not a new concept to me, nor to a lot of other people. I first came across blackout poetry through the numerous posts floating around Tumblr, and as someone who likes to write from time to time, I finally got the idea of trying blackout poetry for myself after coming across an old damaged book I found while decluttering my studio (or work space, if you must, I just want to call it a studio because it sounds fancier, because I’m an artist and it’s where I do work… Haha). I thought, well, I can’t sell this book because it’s damaged and has gotten mold in between pages from a leak that happened a year ago, and I didn’t want to just throw it away either — so that’s how I got the idea to give blackout poetry a try.

I know, you book lovers must be thinking, “THE HORROR! How could you destroy a book?! What a waste!” it took me a while before I had the guts to bring myself to start blacking out words to create poetry. But that’s the thing, I’m not really destroying anything am I? If anything, I’m creating something out of an already existing piece of art. I briefly discussed the “issue” with Jash, a friend of mine, and we both agreed that it’s very much like upcycling, and in his words using a book for blackout poetry is “taking something and making something more of it in your own right.” I could use newspaper or magazines, but an old used book that has been read has served its purpose, and it wont hurt to give it another. I like the idea that I can bring the book around too, so I can do blackout poetry anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about the poems getting crumpled or lost.

And so without further ado, here’s volume one of my Blackout Poetry series:
 “The dream I
carried with me
like a persistent
tune in my head
was not fiction
to me.”

 “My habit of sudden
recklessness has come.
Signs of destruction,
broken, everywhere.”

 “But I needed space,
to fall asleep,
to strip away,
to expose me to
the fact I was no longer

 “Recklessly, I took the plunge
without a moments hesitation.
Now, you’re scared.
Perhaps for the both of us.
But, fuck you.
Because you’re scared.”

 “The moment you love yourself,
the world becomes a different place.
You are no longer the person you were before.”

 “I changed,
in the most dramatic
way imaginable.
The two of us,
no longer joined
at the hip but
scattered forever.
Our world was
in a dead end.”

 “She kept secrets
and became so attracted
to the future.
She could not
love you.”

I’ve enjoyed doing blackout poetry so much that I find myself trying to create poems instead of wasting time on social media or doing other things that don’t feed my creative mind. What I absolutely love about blackout poetry is taking words from an existing wall of text and making it mean something completely different from how the words were originally used. I also love how this pushes me to somehow write again, in a way. I used to write A LOT, but I would only write whenever I felt sad. I’m that kind of writer. So doing poetry exercises this way helps me kind of get words out and just write something.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first series of blackout poetry! Let me know which one’s your favorite, although I can already guess a lot of you would definitely like Spaces (#3), the best! It’s my personal favorite :)

Also, if you guys have suggestions for names of my Blackout Poetry series, I would really appreciate the input! I don’t want to just name it Blackout Poetry since that is generally what it is called, but I want my kind of blackout poetry to be specifically identified to me! :)

‘Til the next series! :)

Watsons ‘Hair Heroes’ BeautyBox Unboxing!

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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things beauty related. I love trying out products and seeing which ones I’ll love, which ones are okay, and which ones I’d probably never touch again, not even with a ten foot pole. Okay, that’s exaggerating a little bit. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been a lover of beauty products — skin, hair, makeup, all of it, I love it — and shameless confession time: whenever I’m at someone’s house, no matter how close we are or not, if I somehow end up within a 5 foot radius of their vanity table or bathroom counter with products in it, I’ll most likely side-eye them (if I’m not already all up in there picking up products and reading their labels) to check which beauty stuff I have and don’t have, and see which ones I find interesting enough to ask you about. And it’s the same at stores that sell beauty products too. You best believe I’ll go aisle per aisle just to see if there are new brands/products I haven’t seen or tried since the last time I visited the store. Yes, I window shop for products A LOT, maybe even more than I do for clothes.

So imagine my complete and utter excitement when Watsons sent me their Beauty Box in the mail last week. As I ascended up the stairs to my work desk, there it was, a big pink box sitting pretty on my white desk, I heard a chorus of angels sing while a ray of sunlight bathed it in all its wondrous glory — I know, it sounds like I’m making this crap up, but I’m not. This is the true scenery of that day… On account of the sun always setting on my side of the building and always casts a ray of sunshine on my desk. Yes, I heard the chorus of “angels” too. My grandpa had his TVn a channel playing a movie with children singing in a church choir. Haha. Okay, I’m straying from the point of this post……. Excuse moi.

A rundown of what’s inside: Salon Professional Keratin Treatments (3 kinds), Palty Bubble Hair Color, Aloe Derma Natural hair care set of shampoo, conditioner, and Hair and Scalp Tonic., Moist Diane Soft & Silky shampoo and conditioner, Gatsby Moving Lock Spray, Toni & Guy Foaming Spray Gel, MondesMorocc0 Argan Hair Vitamin, HairFix Miracle Hair Fiber with Locking Hair Spray, and L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I didn’t expect to be sent a HUGE box with a lot of products in it. They mostly catered to hair, which leads me to believe that whoever planned to send these products did a thorough research as to who Camie Juan is and somehow his/her search results basically said five words: “She’s obsessed with her hair.” to which they said, “GIVE HER ALL THE HAIR PRODUCTS THAT WILL FILL THIS BOX!” which they did. It was compact with products I could only now describe as Wonderful Hair Heroes — the products that shall save my hair from the utter disgrace bleach has left it. Safe to say that this beauty box is très parfait!

I believe the only familiar products to me inside this box are the brand names like Gatsby, Toni & Guy, L’Oreal… The rest I haven’t really experienced much myself, and that’s what excites me most! I’m most excited to try out the Aloe Derma Natural trio (shampoo, conditioner and the hair and scalp tonic) because it’s a known fact that aloe is general very good for your hair, so I’m hoping it will garner great results. I also want to give the Toni & Guy Foaming Spray Gel a shot, to see if it will help hold some hairstyles I want to try with my short hair.

Shall we go through it product by product? Oui, we shall!

UntitledSalon Professionals Keratin Treatment with fresh mint and vitamin E repairs damage and increases strength of hair — exactly what I need!

Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment with shea butter nourishes dry, dehydrated and brittle hair — also what I need! Oy vey!

Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment infused with milk and honey eliminates frizz and flyaways — not a huge problem of mine but it smells really nice so I’ll probably use this one days I want to infuse my hair with a lovely scent!


MoistDiane is apparently a brand hailing from Japan! I’m excited to try out their shampoo because it’s silicone free! Something that I find to be very important, not only because I have colored hair, but because it’s generally healthy for your hair. The conditioner apparently incorporates exquisite oils (I’m guessing Moroccan Argan) but doesn’t weigh down your hair.

Mondes Morocco Argan Hair Vitamin comes in gel capsule forms which is best when used in its concentrated form… I have yet to try any real Morocco Argan oil products, but I’ve heard it’s one of the best oils you can use on your hair AND skin!

Gatsby Moving Lock Spray I would assume would be better fit for guys. You spray it on your hair after using wax, to keep an extra hold on your hairstyle. I don’t use wax, but Gab does, so I’ll pass this on over to him so he can use it for special occasions.
HairFix Miracle Hair Fiber is a product for men and women who experience hair loss. Thankfully, I’m not in that stage of my life yet, so this I can pass on to my grandpa. Ever since he got a girlfriend, I’ve noticed he puts extra effort into his appearances (as anyone would!) and maybe he could find some use for this!

Palty Bubble Hair Color   is another product from Japan which I’ve heard/read is a pretty great hair dye product! I haven’t used box dyes in about 2 years now, but I’ve been thinking of going brown recently and I could use this to give it a shot! Maybe after I’ll get a real chance in becoming *kawaii ^____^*


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil is a sublime hair enhancer for normal to dry hair. It has 5 precious extracts of flowers (what flowers, it is not indicated…) and can be used before showering (although I don’t understand how this would make ANY sense because shampoo basically CLEANS your hair of any oil, so don’t bother wasting it), on damp hair or after styling your hair. This is a very luxe looking product, and I would imagine it would cost a few hundred pesos. It also comes in a glass bottle, which makes it even seem more luxe. I’ve tried this and it’s light in the hair… But would I recommend it? Not just yet! I’ll have to keep trying it to find out :)

Tony & Guy Foaming Spray Gel  is something I’m excited to try! I heard it’s great for hairstyles like curly or wavy hair, which is what I frequently do for my hair. I have yet to try this, not even once, but I’m hoping it gives the effect of sea salt spray. I’ve also heard great things about this product! :)

Which of these interest you or are your favorite hair products? Which ones do you think I should try out and review in the future? :)

These products are available in all Watsons stores near you, and you can expect promos and discounts when you purchase any of these Watsons Wonders, which is for a limited time only so check them out as soon as you can! :)

For more information on these products and more follow Watsons FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages!

Neon Island with a little Lana Del Rey

Fashion, What I Wore // 13 November 2014 // 17 Comments

Photo Nov 11, 9 52 29 AM“Support local” are two words you will constantly hear from people, and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it can be quite difficult, considering the causes and effects of global consumerism. But it isn’t even a matter of, “I don’t want to buy Filipino products!” but more of a “Where do I find these Filipino products?”, to me at least. We’re constantly exposed to foreign brands without really meaning to. You’ve got television, billboards, all our malls are filled with it — in the world of advertising, you’ll need loads of money, and bigger foreign companies have this, while our local businesses do what they can to advertise — through social media and influencers. I actually owe it all to Instagram, because through this app I’ve met a few local business owners who sell goods that are locally made — beautiful, original and quality goods that could beat the competitive market that is foreign brands.

Photo Nov 11, 9 56 33 AM
Neon Island, by Chi & Aira, is one of the local brands I’ve come to love. I’ve been following them on Instagram for quite some time now because I admired their photos and designs, but only recently found out they’re Philippine made! According to their About Us page, they draw inspiration and design for smart, fun, creative, confident, feisty, and independent women — that’s you! ;)  Neon Island sells clothing and cute printed bags, and I’m hoping that they’ll release a shoe collection too *fingers and toes crossed*!
Photo Nov 11, 9 47 26 AMTheir latest collection Dark Paradise was released recently and the two lovely ladies of Neon Island let me have first pick of some of the pieces before they were released! I chose a few pieces, but I think I’ll head back to their shop because I need to get my hands on this printed halter top as well (should I get the black or white one?)
Photo Nov 11, 9 42 41 AMDark Paradise reminds me of Lana Del Rey, on account of her having a song entitled that. When I took photos of my favorite ensemble out of the entire collection, I pretty much had Lana Del Rey in mind, so I thought why not mix the photos with my some of my favorite Lana Del Rey lyrics? I think these photos begged for it.
Photo Nov 11, 9 55 40 AM
Photo Nov 11, 9 41 12 AM
Photo Nov 11, 9 56 58 AM
A huge shout-out to my boyfriend Gab who took these photos of me at one o’clock in the morning! He was tired from rehearsals but he soldiered on to help me out. Haha. Also a big thank you to Neon Island for sending me such lovely clothes, I can’t wait to mix and match some of them some more and to buy more designs in the future.

For more information, you can check out Neon Island’s website & Instagram page!

Join me & Coca-Cola and let’s spread the Christmas Spirit!

Sponsored // 12 November 2014 // 3 Comments

I’m counting down the days because it’s finally Christmas season once again! My second favorite time of the year (everyone knows my first favorite is Halloween) is upon us, the nights are getting colder, everyone and I mean everyone is playing Christmas songs wherever you go, and everywhere you see people decorating their houses with lights and ornaments, and you can see their well-decorated Christmas trees through their windows… But nothing makes this country feel more like Christmas than the symbolic and traditional Christmas Parol :)

I remember my mom always needing or wanting to stop by street vendors who would sell different colored parols in the side of the road. It didn’t matter if there was no space in the car at the moment should she ever find the perfect parol to hang outside our home… But majority of the time, a lot of them were too expensive! It never occurred to me that you could actually just MAKE your own out of recycled materials, not only would it be a fun activity to share between you and your family members, you’d be recycling too!

Here’s a video showing us how to make our own COCA-COLA® Parol this Christmas:

Coca-Cola wants to invite you to join the #SariSaringHappiness Day, which started last November 8, by lighting up your COCA-COLA® Parol with the entire country and share early #SariSaringHappiness this Christmas, and if you don’t have your own parol yet, don’t fret! It’s easy to make one, just refer to the video I posted above or check the step by step process here! There will be lighting hubs around the country, specifically in Manila, Tacloban, Pampanga, Batangas, Bacolod, and Davao, which means you can go to a lighting hub near you with your Coca-Cola Parol and have them light it up for you! Don’t forget to share the experience on your social media accounts with the hashtag #SariSaringHappiness, to spread the wonderful Christmas spirit, and if you’d like, tag me as well so I could see how your beautiful parol turned out! :)
Now that I’m living at a condo with my grandpa, I’m planning to make him one as a surprise. I noticed how he doesn’t really decorate his home during Christmas, so this COCA-COLA® Parol could be a nice addition to his place! :)
For more information, you may check the Coca-Cola Facebook Page.

For more information, you may check the Coca-Cola Facebook Page.

Halloween 2014

Personal, Photo Diary // 11 November 2014 // 12 Comments

My favorite time of the year has come and gone but thankfully I decided to get off my lazy butt and actually dress up this year! I will never ever decide to skip Halloween ever again. I’ve learned my lesson. Last year I was planning to go as Katy Perry (I had very blue hair then), but let laziness get the best of me. Safe to say I regretted it immensely, although I did have a nice dinner at home with Gab and his family for their dad’s birthday, I still missed the trick or treating and house parties.

So I decided to get off my lazy butt, and about five days before Halloween, I realized I still didn’t have a costume because 1. I had ginger hair and 2. my ginger hair was short and majority of the characters I like had long ginger hair — except Black Widow but there was no way in hell I would find a black widow costume. And then I had a light bulb moment.

Camie Juan - Misty Halloween CostumeMISTY FROM POKEMON. I have always wanted to go as a Pokemon character and Misty is PERFECT. I spent two whole days scouring malls with Gab for any Pokemon related things (pokeball + Togepi), after two whole days of searching EVERYWHERE, I had to accept the fact that Pokemon first/second generations were no longer popular *tears* (I can never move on from the 1st/2nd generation. I just can’t. It’s my first love.) and so I decided to just be innovative and MAKE my costume from scratch. Continue Reading…

Noteworthy: Kalm Cosmetics + A Giveaway

Beauty, Make-up, Noteworthy // 7 November 2014 // 5 Comments

kalm cosmetics noteworthy + giveaway
Tonight, I’m excited to finally tell you all about Kalm Cosmetics — the first and only official distributor for Real Techniques and EcoTools makeup brushes in the Philippines! The business was started by neophytes in the beauty & wellness industry. Just like me, and some of you, their love for all things beauty & makeup, watching tons and tons of YouTube videos and stalking international beauty blogs and being exposed to different products is what started their business of bringing in Real Techniques and EcoTools into our country — where, unfortunately, we never seem to get the cool, sought-after brands like the US/Europe do!

All hail Kalm Cosmetics and the team for stepping up and bringing guru-favorite products within our reach, making it thrice more convenient and cheaper! Before I found out about Kalm Cosmetics, I was back and forth debating if I should order Real Techniques brushes from Amazon and pay the huge amount in shipping… I held off, and then found Kalm Cosmetics. Cue the choir of angels.

Untitled(L-R: Real Techniques Core Collection Set, Real Techniques Starter Set, Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection, & Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge)

After expressing my interest in collaborating with Kalm Cosmetics to help myself gear up for makeup school and my future makeup artist career, they were kind enough to send me the four products above.

The Core Collection set includes 4 brushes: a buffing brush, a contour brush, a liquid foundation brush and a detailer brush; while the Starter Set includes 5 brushes: a base shadow brush, a crease brush, a fine liner brush, an accent brush and a brow brush. I believe that the two important sets you should start with are the Core Collection set and the Starter Set, one focuses on the face and the other the eye area, respectively. These two have served me well in the past few weeks in achieving any makeup look I’m going for. If you buy one set, you just have to buy the other. It also comes in a very useful case which I use to have the brushes stand on my desk while I do my makeup or to hang my brushes upside down to have them dry after I’ve washed them! So useful!

I also talked about the two sets and also used them in a No Makeup Makeup Look video I did last month, which you can watch here :)

I have yet to open and try the duo-fiber collection because it’s mostly for HD makeup, which is something I’ll be learning when I attend makeup school this month. As for the Miracle Complexion Sponge, I’ve used it more than a few times now and have noticed a nice result in blending. I actually prefer it much better than using my buffing brush when applying sheer foundation. The sponge gives me a light coverage finish, hardly any streaking, and is very light weight, compared to a generic dupe of the beauty blender I bought a few months ago! It also cleans really well, meaning any gunk of makeup washes off when I clean it, and I dont have to attempt cleaning it twice!  I think this would last me a good 6 months before it starts to need replacing.

Great news! Kalm Cosmetics is giving ONE lucky winner a chance to win one Real Techniques brush set of their choice! You can win a Starter Set, a Core Collection set, Duo-Fiber Collection or the Travel Essentials Set!
This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
Please don’t forget that when you tweet the giveway, you must click the “tweet” button before clicking the “I tweeted” button!

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