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August Inspiration

August Inspiration
Which one will it be?

For years I would let circumstances get in the way of achieving what I wanted in life. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I’m trying to eliminate the habit of  saying “But….” right after I set plans to achieve my goals. It’s such a terrible habit that has always held me back from achieving the things I want in life. I’ve used it as a way to back out of opportunities, of seeing my self worth and from actually growing in the blogging industry. I’ve always had that nagging voice in my head, but since I’ve recognized that I will always have a side of me that makes excuses, I’ve since then been able to take control and ignore the feelings of doubt. I practiced ignoring my fears and going for what I wanted without inhibitions and although sometimes I still struggle, I’ve made immense progress.  Continue Reading

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5 Instagrammers to Follow for Inspiration



I’ve a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I’m torn between wanting to have a clean, curated feed but there are also days where I just want to post uncontrived photos of my life, no matter how boring or mundane… But, I also feel like I’ll be able to do both without having to sacrifice aesthetic, you know?

I love good visuals and surrounding myself with inspiring photos that help shape my own taste/style. As a creative, I think it’s important to have beautiful, eye-candy visuals to keep things fresh, interesting and to have your brain constantly churn for ideas. Sure, these Instagrammers sometimes turn me into a green eyed monster because my life isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as theirs, but the jealousy is always easily turned into motivation for me, kind of like a challenge to outdo myself. I will probably never get on their level, but that’s okay, I’m not trying to! Their feed is just there to help fuel my own creativity, and hopefully yours too! Continue Reading

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How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa in the Philippines

how-to-apply-uk-visa-philippinesThis guide is for applying for a UK tourist visa in the PHILIPPINES.
If you need any other visa aside from a tourist visa, kindly check Google other blogs instead :)

Being a Philippine passport holder, you’ll just have to assume that you will be required to apply for a tourist visa in the Philippines for every single first world country you may want to visit. It’s the harsh reality, unfortunately. My U.K. visa would be the third time I’ll have applied for a tourist visa, so you’d imagine I’d have this entire process down to a tee.

I’ve applied for a Schengen visa through the German embassy (I’d write about it but they’re changing the visa application process starting August 1st 2015 — so my would-be post on the experience would be outdated) and a U.S. visa through the U.S. embassy, and both were quite difficult in the sense where, yes the requirements were easy but convincing them you won’t illegally live and work in their country was the tough part.

I found that the U.K. visa application process was the least stressful of the three. I kid you not. It’s also quite easy, you just need to be extremely detailed with your application because there’s no interview. Let me take you through the step by step process that I went through. Continue Reading

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How to: Organize Your Accessories

One of the biggest questions girls often have in life: Where the hell did my bobby pins go?

I’m the type of person who will always lose hair clips, bobby pins, earrings, hair ties, rings; basically any tiny thing smaller than my hand… It would be a miracle if they’re around for more than a week… But a year ago, I decided to use my empty pill organizer to keep all the tiny things I tend to lose. It turned out to be a genius idea, even though I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it, because I now have what I call my Beauty Kit and I hope this hack will be a useful way for you to organize your accessories too! Continue Reading

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Q&A: Freelance Life, Travel & Other Things

So much questions, so little time! I also answer them way too seriously. I like to talk a lot. Which is why I couldn’t include all of them! Don’t worry though, I’ll be doing Q&A vlogs regularly, so your question will be definitely answered soon (if I haven’t already)

Should you want to ask me questions that you’d want me to answer through a vlog, you can do so through Twitter (@camiejuan #askcamie) or shoot me an email through hello[at] with the subject line “Ask Camie” :)


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Life Lately: In Which I’m Social & Fall Sick

IMG_4653Life lately has been all about…

Seeing old friends
Spontaneous decisions
3 AM anti-hangover snacks
Recharging through a long warm bath
12 Monkeys + local music
Lions & Acrobats
Bed rearrangements
Dealing with ceiling leaks (our condo maintenance is shit)
Rainy weather means working + eating in bed
Scout House Party
Black Market // Finders Keepers
Falling sicker each day
Doctors visits, pain killers, antibiotics & self-medicating
Getting domesticated with Gab
BuzzFeed videos until 4 AM
Continue Reading