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Life Lately: Where Have I Been?

It’s a gloomy Friday. I’ve spent majority of my morning in bed under my sheets, just casually reading through s/AskReddit on my iPhone, only getting up for some breakfast. I had a bowl of vanilla flavored granola cereal with soy milk, both of which I bought from Healthy Options for a ridiculous price, just to see if a healthier breakfast, despite how expensive, will affect the way I feel the rest of the day. I’m currently trying to figure out the best diet for me — fruits? meats? no carbs? veggies? it all depends on what my body responds to and what makes me feel more energized throughout the day.

I’ve been MIA on my blog for quite some time now, and I’m fully aware of this. Life has been kind of weird lately, and feeling out of funk with blogging is not entirely new to me, but the past few weeks it’s like I never loved blogging in the first place. It’s weird. This morning, I decided to just open up my blog and write something, anything. I then realized that maybe it was time for another Life Lately post, just to keep you guys up to speed with what’s been going on. And already, just writing this blog post is making me realize why I loved blogging in the first place. It’s the few moments where I can just sit in total silence, and speak to you.

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EUROTRIP VLOG: Paris, France – Part Deux

The second part of our 6 day stay in Paris, France last October 2015. A shoutout to my wonderful tito bobby & tita lou (family friends) who let us stay in their flat for the week, ultimately saving up a lot of our eurotrip budget. Watching this second vlog made me realize Gab and I really didn’t do a lot of touristy things and now we’re itching to go back and spend another week in the city of lights.

Enjoy! :-)

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Exploring: Disney Sea & Shibuya Crossing

Exploring-Tokyo-Disney-SeaWe were given a choice between Disneyland and Disney Sea before we left Manila, and without really giving it much thought, I chose Disney Sea in a heartbeat. I had no clue of its existence until my tour with Airlite Int’l Travel & Tours, and how Disney Sea Tokyo was the only Disney Sea anywhere in the world.

On the early morning of March 24, I woke to my alarm at 5:00. After snoozing every 5 minutes until 5:30, I peeled myself from the bed and prepared for our breakfast buffet at the hotel. I peeked out our hotel room’s window before heading downstairs and was greeted with a foggy view. The weather forecast said it would rain the whole day, with little to no chance of sun. That honestly sucked, my initial thought was, “Now all my photos will be gloomy.” but in the end, the photos turned out looking pretty good still. Big thanks to my travel buddy, David, for taking photos of me too!

Let me take you on a virtual tour of Disney Sea in photos. This isn’t even everything yet, you’ll definitely see more snippets of Disney Sea on my Japan vlog. Enjoy! :-) Continue Reading

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What’s In My Carry On Bag

When I travel, especially for short trips that involves the outdoors or beaches, I prefer having my things in a backpack instead of a luggage. It’s convenient, the size perfect as a carry-on baggage and I can have access to it whenever I want.

Last week I went to Cebu for 5 days and decided I would only need a backpack. One of the things I try to avoid the most when taking flights is checking-in my stuff because I hate having to wait for my baggage at the carousels, which sometimes can cause me precious time or worse anxiety over lost baggage. I find it extremely convenient to have my stuff with me the moment I disembark, and I can move along to get to my destination quicker.

What I like about Cabin Zero:

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So… What’s Fox & Bear?

Last month, Gab and I decided we’d like to start an Instagram page together, just to document our life, our travels and the other shenanigans we get into. I noticed how we never really share anything about our life together except maybe on Snapchat, but they’re just mostly selfies, or on my blog. I wanted a different outlet of just photos and short captions and so @fox.and.bear on Instagram was born. Continue Reading