Life Lately

Life Lately // 16 September 2014 // 0 Comments

IMG_3946.JPGLife lately has been all about…

Finally giving Ginger hair a shot, and I’m absolutely in love with it.
Attempting to eat healthier, by eating “clean”
Tried replicating Cafe Mary Grace’s Grilled Veggies on Focaccia, and it turned out GREAT
Starting up my work-out again, and this time being serious about it
Staying up late at night while browsing through Reddit — it’s addicting
Waking up at 9:30 am because my room gets so bright in the morning, but I don’t mind.
Reorganizing my work area + artworks + trying to keep inspired to keep creating
Currently struggling a wee bit financially because clients don’t know how to pay on time /sadface (the freelance life, the struggle is real)

Tomorrow, I’ll most likely be spending the day at The Fort. I plan to do a bit of plant shopping, pop over to the Nuffnang head office, and will definitely try to stay away from Fully Booked because I’m a little broke at the moment. Haha

How has everyone’s lives been lately? :)


Design Her Story Bazaar

Personal // 14 September 2014 // 16 Comments

design her storyWhat a great success this pop-up bazaar has been! I met a lot of really cool people, from creative bloggers/artists, to awesome blog readers — 3 hours of hanging out surrounded by all of them was definitely the highlight of the day. :) 

I didn’t get to take a lot of photos because majority of the time I was busy manning my booth (or going over to Jeline’s booth to talk  haha) so there’s definitely more to this bazaar than what my photos can ever tell you! You just HAD to be there!

A big big big thank you to Arriane and the Design Her Story team for inviting me to be a part of this. I’m so honored to have met all of you. I hope this won’t be the last Design Her Story pop-up bazaar or event I’ll attend. :)

Photos below the cut!

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PLDT Home’s heyÜ: The only communication app for the Filipino Family

Sponsored // 14 September 2014 // 0 Comments

Keeping in touch with family is something so important that I tend to take for granted. Ever since I moved out from home, I’m constantly missing them, but with a big family of 10 members, it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening to who, I simply see random updates from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sometimes my sisters and I will just text each other to make kwentuhan, but that’s pretty much it… There just wasn’t a way to stay updated with each other 100% of the time! But now there’s PLDT Home’s heyÜ app which ensures my and your family to stay connected while using PLDT’s wide network assuring clear, quality and consistent connections for its subscribers!
The heyÜ  app offers you voice calls to and from other heyÜ subscribers, and to all PLDT landlines nationwide, free and unlimited! I find that this is their best feature, considering I’ve been a PLDT user my whole life, imagine the money you can save! If voice calls aren’t enough for you, the heyÜ app also offers instant messaging and heyÜ  to heyÜ video calling, which are also free and unlimited! If you’ve got family abroad, the heyÜ app also offers value-for-money call rates so you can talk to your friends and family without ever having to worry about bill shock.
Other features of the heyÜ app includes group chat, sticker market, send multimedia attachments (photos, videos, location), and the “typing”, “delivered”, and “read” indicators. Other new heyÜ features include secret messaging, auto-buddy matching, application geo-locking and application geo-blocking.

Getting started with the heyÜ app is quick and easy. All you have to do is download the app, click the REGISTER button, input your account details and PLDT account number. After completing the form, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with your log-in credentials, you may then launch the heyÜ app and log in and enjoy the features!
PLDT Home is currently doing a prize grab promo, and they’re giving away 3 Samsung Galaxy S5, 10 Bluetooth speakers, and 5 GCs worth Php500 each. For more info, you can watch this video. To join, simply go to!


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Noteworthy: Victoria de Manila II

Sponsored // 12 September 2014 // 3 Comments

One of the most frequent emails I get from readers is asking all about my living situation, what it’s like to live in a condominium, alone, how I manage, where or how to get started — Well, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even own my own unit, as much as I would love to. I’ve tried researching on my own for future references, to live in or invest on… It’s not as easy as you’d think! Haha So when  I was invited to the open house and launch of Victoria de Manila II, a New San Jose Builders Inc (NSJBI, the real estate company behind the Philippine Arena) high-rise condominium at Ibarra’s Garden at Ermita, Manila last August 29, I took the chance to check it out.  Continue Reading…

You Are Cordially Invited To: The Design Her Story Bazaar

Uncategorized // 11 September 2014 // 5 Comments

IMG_3318.PNGHello, my lovely and loveable Wildlings! I just wanted to let you know that something awesome is happening on Sunday (14th of September), and that I would LOVE for you guys to be there and stop by, come meet awesome people, do a bit of shopping, drink some coffee, hang out! I promise you, it’ll be great! I’ll be selling some pre-loved clothes (some practically brand new), and other creative bloggers will be selling their stuff too!

Please, please, please come by! It’s at a coffee shop, so don’t worry, getting in is totally free!

I hope to see you there! :)


How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Beauty, Make-up, Skin // 7 September 2014 // 7 Comments

beauty tip

One of the worst things you can do to your face is use makeup brushes that hardly get cleaned. Ever wonder why you get random breakouts or blackheads? Your unclean makeup brushes could be the culprit! It’s important to clean your makeup brushes regularly because makeup brushes tend to harbor A LOT of bacteria, old makeup, dust, etc. Imagine swiping all that on your face every time you use unclean makeup brushes, and then it all rests on your face the entire day until you wash it off at night — lather, rinse, repeat, breakout in acne and blackheads… All this can be prevented just by cleaning your brushes!

It is advisable to clean them at least once a week if you use them daily or frequently. It’s quick and easy, takes about 15 minutes of your time! I usually clean my makeup brushes the day before a day I know I won’t be heading out, to give the brushes time to dry up completely.

There are two methods of cleaning your makeup brushes: 
with olive oil, water and shampoo (for brushes that use liquid, cream, gel makeup)
with water and shampoo (for brushes that use dry makeup)

Below are two diagrams for your reference on how to clean your makeup brushes:

cleaning steps - oil and soap

cleaning steps - soapSee all that disgusting makeup gunk that comes out of your makeup brushes? ICK! 

It is VERY important to note that when washing your brushes, make sure to always clean the brushes with the bristles facing downward and to never let the water go beyond the metal part of the brush (the metal that holds the bristles together), because if the water goes up the handle, it can loosen the glue that holds the bristles and the handle together and come apart (it’s happened to me because I neglected this part of the process), or it can cause the glue that’s holding the bristles of your brush to come apart, thus the bristles falling off (also happened to me).

So, what are you waiting for? Get off your bum and start cleaning those brushes! :)