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Big Blog Exchange comes to an end

Sadly all good things have came to an end!


The last 10 days have been a amazing experience, discovering a country I never had on my travel list, falling in love with white beaches, mangoes & lechon – and boku. There is so much more I would love to write about today, but jetlag, lack of sleep & 35°C without ac is catching up on me as I’m back in Germany since this morning!

A huge thank you to all of you, who followed me on Camie’s blog, twitter, facebook and instagram. The whole team of Hostelling International, the two sisters of the amazing Hostel Where2Next.

And of course Camie’s family! Thanks for all!

Hope you will continue to follow me, either on my blog or the social media accounts (its always lunchforone).

PS: And who knows when I will be back – there are still 7102 islands I haven’t visit ;)

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