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    Life Lately: A Day by Day Recap

    Usually my Life Lately posts are just a series of random phrases from what occurred during the week… I felt like trying something different, something close to how I used to blog…

  • Life Lately

    Life Lately

     Life lately has been all about… Meeting new people Out of town trips Work, work, work Conversations that make you realize the importance of being in the moment Finding the importance of…

  • Food, Personal, Photo Diary

    My Tuesday @ Wildflour

    It’s 11:20 am when I get out of my Uber car and walk towards Wildflour where I’m supposed to meet Aby, a longtime online friend of mine, for the first time; and…

  • Events, Photo Diary

    Photo Diary: Wanderland 2015

    I’ve popped my music festival cherry! Wanderland is a music festival brought to us by the cool guys & gals of Karpos Multimedia, and it happens every year (with its first year being…

  • Day in the Life, Personal

    A Day In The Life

    I decided I would attempt to document parts of my day to show you guys what usually would go down on a chill day. Heavy emphasis on the word “attempt” because I would…

  • Life Lately

    Life Lately

    Life lately has been all about… Trying things for the first time Climbing up a mountain (but only going through it halfway — oops) discovering local goods I absolutely love surprise sangrias…