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Mixtape Monday

  • Mixtape Monday

    Mixtape Mondays: Chill

    I know, it’s not Monday. But it’s Wednesday… Which means HAPPY HUMP DAY WEDNESDAY AND HERE’S A NEW PLAYLIST FOR YOU! This playlist theme is basically what it says above: chill. It features…

  • Mixtape Monday

    Mixtape Mondays: Vol. 8

    I come bearing a new playlist for you folks who are looking to discover new music. Say goodbye to June and hello to July with this playlist which I couldn’t be bothered…

  • Mixtape Monday

    Mixtape Mondays: Vol. 07

    I’ve got a new playlist for you Wildlings for Mixtape Mondays! <3 This time though it won’t be downloadable. I no longer do that. You’ll just have to download them yourself or…

  • Mixtape Monday

    Mixtape Mondays: Shuffled

    A randomized playlist brought to you by my iTunes shuffle. No theme, purely random, possibly a way to discover “new” music to listen to. I’m not making this downloadable, though. You can…

  • Mixtape Monday

    Mixtape Monday: Warm & Fuzzy

    Sweaters, some hot tea, a cozy bed, a good book. This playlist will complete the warm & fuzzy mood that cold days/nights bring. Enjoy :) 01 Dirty Paws 02 Train Song (Cover)…

  • Mixtape Monday

    Mixtape Mondays: Coachella

    This playlist has been long overdue. I know Coachella is over, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little playlist of songs from bands that grazed the festival on your iTunes/iPhone/iPod/Whatever… Especially…