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Davines Essential Haircare Oi Line + A Short Review

davines oi lineOi All In One Milk / Oi Shampoo / Oi Oil / Oi Conditioner
(All these products are enriched with Roucou Oil, which is apparently way better than Moroccan/Argan oil. I’m inclined to believe this because I’ve tried both Moroccan/Argan oil products and they have done little to none for my hair)


Last October I attended the launch of the Davines Essential Haircare OI line at the Vanity Circle Salon at Robinson’s Magnolia. Davines is a high-end hair care line of products founded in Parma, Italy. They believe that,


and although Davines isn’t 100% chemical free (because let’s face it, nearly 100% of products will always have chemicals in them in some form or another) they believe in sustainable beauty, which is extremely important.

At the launch, we had a day of pampering while we talked about hair care and what the Oi line of products are all about, and oh, we were served food and drinks as well! ;-)

We were given a choice of getting our hair washed (with the OI shampoo and conditioner) then styled or have it washed and get a hair cut. I was itching to go a bit shorter with my hair so I decided to go for the cut.
I went to the salon with freshly washed hair, but to get the full experience of the products, and because I was to get my hair cut, I let them wash my hair with the OI shampoo and conditioner. These two are said to be hair color friendly, meaning minimal fade. I was told that during the shampoo session, my red hair bled out a bit, so I was worried that by the time I sat down on the salon chair my hair would be a weird brown color because all the red had been stripped.

Fortunately, my hair color didn’t budge at all! It still stayed as vibrant ginger as it was when I arrived at the salon :) This is great news because as someone who dyed her hair crazy colors, all shampoos I’ve used have faded my hair like crazy after one wash — the difference is always obvious.
Because my hair is so damaged, when it’s wet it’s hard to comb through and easily gets tangled. They used the OI All In One Milk Leave-in Multi Benefit spray to detangle my hair. It’s quite hard for me to find a great detangler, so I found this product to be extremely effective because they had NO trouble combing through my disgustingly damaged hair.

After the cut and styling session, they used the Oi Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion (my absolute favorite) which helped polish and keep my hair tangle free for the next TWO days!

Ta-da! Moi! I’m not a fan of the straight hair look on this short hair, but whatever. Haha

We were able to take home a travel size bottle of the Oi Oil, which was my favorite of the bunch of products!

Now, you’re probably wondering why it took me ages to finally write about this product… To be quite honest, I wanted to make sure it was a product I can truthfully give an honest opinion on because it’s an award-winning product that apparently doesn’t disappoint!

I’m here to tell you now that for the first few weeks of usage, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was keen on the product as much as I wanted to be. As I’ve mentioned before, my hair was absolutely damaged from all the bleaching… Always so frizzy, always so dry and always getting so tangled! I started using this product and at the first the only thing I noticed was that it was perfect on damp hair after a fresh shower, to help detangle and avoid my hair strands from getting all sticky (damaged hair does this) and clumpy.

So for the first four weeks I used it as a detangler and an after styling serum… But because I wasn’t drop dead impressed and found this product just okay, I would use it after showering but would start to forget to use it after styling. The second month I was using this product as a detangler but not an after styling serum, my hair would tangle up LIKE CRAZY! I only wash my hair every 2 days now, and when I used this as an after styling product, my curls could last me 2 days while still being manageable and soft… But when I stopped, it was just horrifying! I’m talking knots and lots of pain trying to free my strands of hair from each other. I was forced to wash my hair every other day (which I hate because I need my nautral oils to keep my hair healthy) because the tangling would mess up my hair. I realized that the only routine I’ve changed was using this Oi oil as a detangler but not an after styling product. That’s when I truly knew this hair oil was a godsent!

The Oi Oil benefits include:

  • extraordinary shine and softness to the hair
  • strong detangling and restructuring action
  • anti-frizz effect
  • strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action

A little also goes a long way when using Oi oil, I use one pump to detangle and a half pump for after styling for shine and softness. If my hair starts to get dry or a little bit tangled, another half pump on the second day of hair will restore the shine and softness as if I just fixed it that day! It also smells really nice, kind of like a powder-y scent, and is very light on the hair and NEVER EVER greasy!

I’m still in the process of finishing a lot of shampoo/conditioner products, but once I finish with those I’m going to looking into purchasing the Oi Shampoo + Conditioner as well because that also made my hair feel really soft and manageable (before blow drying at the salon!)

UntitledUnfortunately, the Davines products are only available in salons… There is currently no way of telling which salons in the Philippines carry it, but if you’re abroad, you may check this store locator on the Davines website to see if your local salon carries it! Price also vary, as salons are the ones who re-sell it either in standard retail price or above it. Locally, I believe their products range from Php 1,200-2,000+ depending on the line of product.

For more information or inquiries, you may contact Davines on Facebook! :-)

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    Oh man I love your hair! And I think the straight style still looks good on you!

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    Hi Camie!! I love all your photos especially on instagram! Would you say it’s worth it to buy presets from vsco, and which collection is your personal favorite? :) More power to your blog xo

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