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TUTORIAL: How To Get Mermaid Hair (Heatless Waves)

mermaid hair tutorial

*Note: this doesn’t have to be neat. Works best for wavy hair.

*Straight hair – Use product, like mousse, to help hold the waves/curls in place

*Curly hair – I would suggest blow drying your hair straight (using really low heat, less damage!), because doing this with your natural curls will only mess it up. You want to start with uncurled hair to get better results.

Step 1: Part your hair and divide into two.

Step 2: Choose any side to start from, we’ll be doing a twist instead of a braid. Take hair from the crown of your head and divide it into two, overlap one over the other

Step 3: Grab another layer of hair (like a french braid), interchanging it into a twist, keep going until you cant grab any hair anymore

Step 4: Continue twisting until the ends of your hair. The tighter the twist, the tighter the curls. You can experiment with whichever you like.

Step 5: Pin the twist to the top of your head using bobby pins.

Step 6: Do the other side of your head, repeating steps 1-5.

This works best when left for about 8 hours. So what I do is I sleep on it, and the next day I just unravel the twists and shake out my hair a bit and hello, mermaid curls!

It depends on your type of hair on how effective this method is. My hair is pretty versatile and follows whatever I do with it (most of the time). Try to experiment and see what works best for your hair. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up :)

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  • Reply VideoPortal 20 March 2017 at 7:42 am

    I mean, who says you can’t be a mermaid? All you’ll need to achieve these heatless waves are a few hair ties, a comb, a brush, hairspray and a spray bottle filled with water! Check out the tutorial below for more information.

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