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They say how you spend the first day of the New Year is how you’ll spend the rest of the year, so if that’s true…

  • Spent it all day on Tumblr
  • Watched Modern Family
  • Did a VLOG
  • Ate
  • Ate
  • Ate
  • Tumblr

Um, yeah I don’t feel so good about that. Haha I’ve got 3 days left of freedom before I go back to prison, also known as school, and I’ll be drowning in school work and sewing and all that. How exciting~

I’m actually just waiting for Gab to arrive so we can finish the remaining episodes of Game of Thrones (if I still feel like it, who knows how I’ll feel in 5 minutes), or play with sparklers and my instax camera (if I still feel like it), but I feel like we’ll just end up on the trampoline again like most late nights because I’m lazy and what’s new.

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  1. malfunctioningneuron said: I thought you typed ‘ATE’ means sister, haha. Stupid me.
  2. katperty said: HAHAHA. your new year will be awesome! believe it! c;
  3. amemoryhole said: You have a trampoline? I’m jealous. Haha. Happy new year! :)
  4. camiejuan posted this