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A midnight rant: the local entertainment business might as well be dead.

Filipino cinema is certainly not what it used to be. Back in the day, Filipino cinema was pretty much in line with Hollywood to the point where Filipino actors and actresses would be invited to go abroad to attend the Oscars and other prestigious award shows, and Hollywood actors would actually come here to visit, and not because they had to film something, but because they wanted to.

Oh, how times have changed. 

The media has slowly dumbed down the masses into thinking superficial things. Forget about the talent and skill of actors. No one cares about that. Let’s hire the drop dead gorgeous people because they make easy money and that’s all we want. The masses want pretty, that’s easy, here you go, now give us all your money!

I think it’s safe to say that in the past years, I’ve had a good amount of exposure on local TV and movies and honestly, I can count in about both my hands a limited number of actual excellent actors and actresses who have the most natural and believable acting skills. And the ones that actually have talent, end up in indie movies or something where hardly anyone sees them. If they’re really lucky, they get acknowledged for their good work and make it to the big league.

The masses are a bunch of sheep, the one leading the heard is the media, and the media heads are none other than the heads of the TV networks who create the shows and movies.

Don’t you notice how every single year the local showbiz industry only produces the same shit over and over?  Married guy cheats on his wife with some mistress, the seemingly happy couple turns out to have problems behind closed doors, "Oh maybe it’s me, maybe it’s cause I now dress like a fricken grandma and so he’s bored with me!" cue wife justifying cheating husband who goes and cheats on his wife with some tramp who makes out with random dudes at a beach after she conveniently loses her bikini top in the water, or lies naked on top of married men who are innocently minding their own business waiting for their scheduled massage and OOPS I ACCIDENTALLY LAID ON TOP OF YOU ALL NAKED… OH, I’M NOT YOUR WIFE, CANT YOU TELL?, thus totally forgetting he has a wife and goes ahead and acts like a complete dick, and then there’s a showdown between the wife and the mistress until, in the end, the guy chooses the wife and everyone gets their happy ending… 
Roll in the big bucks so the producers can sleep in their beds made of the masses money. You basically paid P180 to see a movie you KNOW you’ve seen before, and hey, sometimes it’s okay because sometimes we need to see shallow stupid movies that hit us where it hurts because ~WE CAN RELATE~ but where are the movies that are actually good and have depth? Where are the movies that will make us think? We need that balance. Those kinds of movies are out there being played somewhere, but not where it really matters, not where the masses will see it. And that’s a shame. It’s a shame because we’ve been brainwashed to think that these are the only kinds of movies that are worth seeing, we ate it up and they’ll keep serving it over and over again. 

So here we have the shitty actors playing shitty roles in shitty movies.

*Slow clap*

Granted, there still ARE a number of good movies, I think I’m just tired of seeing the same old thing over and over again. Fine, the Filipino people love Love and they love to laugh… But is that really all there is? And is that whats in store for the next 20 years? There needs to be a change and it has to happen now. But I guess none of the networks want to move because they’d risk losing money and well, no one likes to lose money, eh? I can’t think of one actor or actress who is actually doing what they do for the love of the craft, except the showbiz legends. All the “new” ones seem to be just doing it for the money.

It’s just a frustrating and sad to see how prestigious Filipino cinema used to be and how it has dwindled down to this. I can imagine the Filipino cinema legends rolling in their graves each time a “new” romantic movie comes out with the same story line as the last one from a year ago or so. Even worse, played by the same two actors from the previous storyline.

Seriously, what the hell?

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