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Bohol - my island of first times

Somehow I was lucky enough to travel a bit during the last years, but my backpack never got me to south-east Asia. Which simply means I got the chance to try things for the very first time!

Catching a ride on a motorbike

Simple flag down a local and ask for a ride - they charge not less then a tricycle (my opinion)

Or a tryiiycle

Simple a motorbike with a third wheel- enough space for two foreigners or 4-6 filipinos.

First coconut (or Boku)

The Philippines are the second largest producer of Coconut - or Boki how its called here. The clear juice is perfect for traveller as its healthy and usual safe to drink - and delicious

Smallest boat

No life vest and the feeling we won’t make it - but a very nice boatman who didn’t let my bag out of sight during the snorkling trip

Halo halo

Eureopeans love their icecream cups - Filipinos Halo halo. a bowl or glass filled with boiled kidney beans, garbanzos, coconut sport and plantains caramelized in sugar, jackfruit„ sweet potato (kamote), topped with crushed ice and icecream (here manfgo and ube) and before serving milk is pourded over the dish.

White sand

Just paradise!

PS: See what Camie is up to im Germany!

This trip is sponsered by Hostelling International

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  1. tttthemissingprincessss said: Enjoy the Philippines and God bless you always on your trip, Ms. Tina :)
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