A Change.

Remember when I had waist length hair? And then I had chest long hair? Well now all that’s left with my hair is this long bob haircut I gave myself a few nights ago. I’ve sworn never to cut my hair shorter than my chest… But there was this itching feeling of wanting change. I was getting tired of the same old look. No variety, nothing. Sure, I changed my hair color a lot, but even that was getting kind of old.

I needed something new. It wasn’t enough that I moved out of home. Something still needed a change. I didn’t really know what it was until I somehow ended up on a beauty blog talking about the red carpet trend this year: the bob. I immediately fell in love when I saw Olivia Palermo’s and Jessica Alba’s long bob haircut. I suddenly had to have it. I told myself to sleep on it, and if I still wanted it just as bad as I did the night before then I’d go get my hair cut.

The next morning, I kept asking Gab for advice and if he thinks it would look good on me. I couldn’t shut up about it. By sundown, I was in the bathroom, a towel laid across the sink, I had scissors and a comb. I was ready for combat. Yeah, you might think I’m crazy for cutting my own hair, especially this short, but I realized that I’ve never gone to a salon completely 100% satisfied with any haircut — I always leave disappointed and out of 500 bucks. Not fun.

Well, cutting my own hair turned out better than expected. My long bob is half an inch longer than I actually thought I could cut it. I got scared going shorter than the length I have now just in case I might actually make a mistake and end up cutting too much to the point of getting a real bob ala Anna Wintour.

I think cutting my hair has been one of my best decisions in my hair-ventures. My hair grows pretty fast so in a year and a half time, I’ll get my mermaid hair back in no time — that’s if I don’t keep this chic long bob for a long while :-)

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  • Reply Luna Lunn-Starr 30 May 2015 at 3:49 am

    I did this back when I was still in Singapore. Trims are so expensive that I just grabbed my scissors, tied my hair and snipped off the excess. I loved it and did it for couple of times. It saved me lots of money plus I am satisfied with how it looked :)

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