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Beauty Review: Wet N’ Wild Mega Last Lipstick

Finally, a lipstick brand that actually works on my lips perfectly! It’s been a struggle trying to find the perfect lipstick, especially for my dry lips. I’ve tried numerous at home remedies, lip balms, gentle scrubs, and yet nothing has worked to really hydrate my lips and nope, not even drinking my weight in water! The smooth lips will last for a while, maybe a few hours and then it starts to get dry again. You can see how that can be a huge problem when you want to wear lipstick. Dry lips + lipstick = gross. The product starts to gather into a line on the inner part of your lip, it starts to look cracked, and it needs to be retouched at least every hour or so. How tedious and what a waste of product!

I’m a fan of matte lipsticks, and we all know how drying a matte lipstick can be (hello, MAC Russian Red!) so when VivaStylePH sent me these Wet N Wild Mega Last lipsticks, I wasn’t really expecting much from it. I was pleasantly surprised when Wet N Wild proved me wrong about my assumptions!

I mostly chose the colors based on what I needed in my collection: Just Peachy, Cherry Picking, and Ravin’ Raisin.

I swatched them on my lips so you guys can see the color against my skin tone:

‘Just Peachy’ was the perfect peachy pink lipstick I’ve been looking for! I haven’t found one yet that I absolutely can get on with, and so a month ago I ended up mixing my own lipstick colors just to get a peach shade. But I’m glad I found this because it has that natural nude lip effect, not too pale, not too pink.

‘Cherry Picking’ seemed to be a Twitter favorite from some followers! I wore it on my date night with Gab and a few people loved it! It’s a beautiful red lipstick with a pink tone. It was very flattering, and didn’t clash with my purple hair. I find that red lipstick tends to clash with purple hair so I never wear it but this one pretty much does a great job!

Gab and I had dinner, which consisted of calamares and a rice pilaf, and yet the lipstick did NOT budge one bit, it wasn’t drying either! I didn’t have to retouch at all. When they say ‘mega last’, it really does last! When I washed my makeup off at the end of the night, I struggled to get rid of the lipstick stain on my lips. I ended up using Vaseline and some oil, which worked after a few attempts.

And finally, ‘Ravin Raisin’. My very first plum shade lipstick. Not too dark, not too light. The perfect plum color. I know fall is over (lol, we don’t even have fall but somehow plum shades are reserved for this season) but with the cold and gloomy weather we’ve been having, I can actually get away with wearing this lipstick on a cold day out. Gab says I look like a witch when I wear this, which is obviously a compliment :-)

So there you have it! A lipstick brand that has finally satisfied me to the point of wanting to review it so you guys know how awesome it is! I think I’ll order myself 3 more shades but I’m still deciding what shade to get!

If you’re interested, you can purchase them from VivaStylePH for only Php 240! :-)

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  • Reply Randi Brooks 31 March 2015 at 10:47 pm

    A few days ago I bought Megalast Lipstick for the very first time in Rosebud and I had it on for about 5 hours until I ate something and it didn’t feel that dry and it didn’t cause any dry cracks and lines on my lips so I thought the formula was fine. I also had got a few other colors and they did dry my lips some and caused a little peeling skin and lip cracks I hadn’t had before using these lipsticks but I hoped that if I started to use Chapstick this would prevent this,and today I exchanged the Purty Permisonn which was too bright and had more of a blue cool tone on me,(even though most women describe this color as a warm orange type color,) and I got Sandstorm instead which is a warm reddish,brown,orange pretty color on me,and I had been wearing all of these colors with no lip balm at all.

    So yesterday I bought Chapstick after I wore the Sandstorm for 2 hours without any,and after I took it off, I put Chapstick on first and then put on the Sandstorm again,and it felt nice and moisturizing,but then about an hour later it still started to feel dry,and when I looked in the mirror,my lips had all of these cracks and lines and flaking skin that I never had before! The colors are really pretty,but it’s just not worth it to get dry cracked lips from it! I don’t like goopy,greasy lip gloss on my lips either,but it’s still much better than this! When lips have moisturizing lip sticks,lip balms,or gloss on,they look younger and fuller,but when they are dry and cracked they look unattractive,thinner and older!

    There are other long lasting lipsticks by other brands that don’t dry out your lips,like NYC Expert Last Lipstick etc.I only have ever used a few lipstains,and many women say that they can dry lips too,but I never experienced anything like this wearing them for hours! Wet n Wild really needs to improve this formula and add more moisturizers and somehow make this lipstick with less of whatever ingredient(s) cause such dryness and cracking! Many women do say that these Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks are very drying on the lips.

    Also, while not long lasting,LA Colors has very pretty,moisturizing lipsticks for only a dollar at Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

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