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The Happy List: Vol.18

The Happy List: Blog Link-up Vol. 7

I feel like I haven’t done this list in ages, and will you look at that? The 7th blog link-up for THL! I’m glad to see some people still do The Happy List posts on their blog. Continue to spread the little things that bring happiness!

  1. Looking back at Eurotrip photos
  2. Junk food surprises
  3. The weird smell on new garments — I hate them. BUT NEW CLOTHES.
  4. Being part of your boyfriend’s family trip plans
  5. Watercolor painting and getting the strokes just right
  6. Rewatching your favorite TV shows that have ended
  7. Funny twitter convos
  8. Food Club with Sherica & Jaya
  9. An amazing dinner that’s worth every buck you pay for
  10. My indoor garden slowly growing — my mini rose bush bloomed again :-)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Link-up your most recent Happy List post, as per usual below, following the same format of Name @ Blog Name (ex. Camie @ Wild Spirit) and don’t forget to check out the blogs that have linked up too! Blogging is about community and making friends ;-)

Lovely night, Wildlings! <3

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