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Watsons ‘Hair Heroes’ BeautyBox Unboxing!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things beauty related. I love trying out products and seeing which ones I’ll love, which ones are okay, and which ones I’d probably never touch again, not even with a ten foot pole. Okay, that’s exaggerating a little bit. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been a lover of beauty products — skin, hair, makeup, all of it, I love it — and shameless confession time: whenever I’m at someone’s house, no matter how close we are or not, if I somehow end up within a 5 foot radius of their vanity table or bathroom counter with products in it, I’ll most likely side-eye them (if I’m not already all up in there picking up products and reading their labels) to check which beauty stuff I have and don’t have, and see which ones I find interesting enough to ask you about. And it’s the same at stores that sell beauty products too. You best believe I’ll go aisle per aisle just to see if there are new brands/products I haven’t seen or tried since the last time I visited the store. Yes, I window shop for products A LOT, maybe even more than I do for clothes.

So imagine my complete and utter excitement when Watsons sent me their Beauty Box in the mail last week. As I ascended up the stairs to my work desk, there it was, a big pink box sitting pretty on my white desk, I heard a chorus of angels sing while a ray of sunlight bathed it in all its wondrous glory — I know, it sounds like I’m making this crap up, but I’m not. This is the true scenery of that day… On account of the sun always setting on my side of the building and always casts a ray of sunshine on my desk. Yes, I heard the chorus of “angels” too. My grandpa had his TVn a channel playing a movie with children singing in a church choir. Haha. Okay, I’m straying from the point of this post……. Excuse moi.

A rundown of what’s inside: Salon Professional Keratin Treatments (3 kinds), Palty Bubble Hair Color, Aloe Derma Natural hair care set of shampoo, conditioner, and Hair and Scalp Tonic., Moist Diane Soft & Silky shampoo and conditioner, Gatsby Moving Lock Spray, Toni & Guy Foaming Spray Gel, MondesMorocc0 Argan Hair Vitamin, HairFix Miracle Hair Fiber with Locking Hair Spray, and L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I didn’t expect to be sent a HUGE box with a lot of products in it. They mostly catered to hair, which leads me to believe that whoever planned to send these products did a thorough research as to who Camie Juan is and somehow his/her search results basically said five words: “She’s obsessed with her hair.” to which they said, “GIVE HER ALL THE HAIR PRODUCTS THAT WILL FILL THIS BOX!” which they did. It was compact with products I could only now describe as Wonderful Hair Heroes — the products that shall save my hair from the utter disgrace bleach has left it. Safe to say that this beauty box is très parfait!

I believe the only familiar products to me inside this box are the brand names like Gatsby, Toni & Guy, L’Oreal… The rest I haven’t really experienced much myself, and that’s what excites me most! I’m most excited to try out the Aloe Derma Natural trio (shampoo, conditioner and the hair and scalp tonic) because it’s a known fact that aloe is general very good for your hair, so I’m hoping it will garner great results. I also want to give the Toni & Guy Foaming Spray Gel a shot, to see if it will help hold some hairstyles I want to try with my short hair.

Shall we go through it product by product? Oui, we shall!

UntitledSalon Professionals Keratin Treatment with fresh mint and vitamin E repairs damage and increases strength of hair — exactly what I need!

Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment with shea butter nourishes dry, dehydrated and brittle hair — also what I need! Oy vey!

Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment infused with milk and honey eliminates frizz and flyaways — not a huge problem of mine but it smells really nice so I’ll probably use this one days I want to infuse my hair with a lovely scent!


MoistDiane is apparently a brand hailing from Japan! I’m excited to try out their shampoo because it’s silicone free! Something that I find to be very important, not only because I have colored hair, but because it’s generally healthy for your hair. The conditioner apparently incorporates exquisite oils (I’m guessing Moroccan Argan) but doesn’t weigh down your hair.

Mondes Morocco Argan Hair Vitamin comes in gel capsule forms which is best when used in its concentrated form… I have yet to try any real Morocco Argan oil products, but I’ve heard it’s one of the best oils you can use on your hair AND skin!

Gatsby Moving Lock Spray I would assume would be better fit for guys. You spray it on your hair after using wax, to keep an extra hold on your hairstyle. I don’t use wax, but Gab does, so I’ll pass this on over to him so he can use it for special occasions.
HairFix Miracle Hair Fiber is a product for men and women who experience hair loss. Thankfully, I’m not in that stage of my life yet, so this I can pass on to my grandpa. Ever since he got a girlfriend, I’ve noticed he puts extra effort into his appearances (as anyone would!) and maybe he could find some use for this!

Palty Bubble Hair Color   is another product from Japan which I’ve heard/read is a pretty great hair dye product! I haven’t used box dyes in about 2 years now, but I’ve been thinking of going brown recently and I could use this to give it a shot! Maybe after I’ll get a real chance in becoming *kawaii ^____^*


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil is a sublime hair enhancer for normal to dry hair. It has 5 precious extracts of flowers (what flowers, it is not indicated…) and can be used before showering (although I don’t understand how this would make ANY sense because shampoo basically CLEANS your hair of any oil, so don’t bother wasting it), on damp hair or after styling your hair. This is a very luxe looking product, and I would imagine it would cost a few hundred pesos. It also comes in a glass bottle, which makes it even seem more luxe. I’ve tried this and it’s light in the hair… But would I recommend it? Not just yet! I’ll have to keep trying it to find out :)

Tony & Guy Foaming Spray Gel  is something I’m excited to try! I heard it’s great for hairstyles like curly or wavy hair, which is what I frequently do for my hair. I have yet to try this, not even once, but I’m hoping it gives the effect of sea salt spray. I’ve also heard great things about this product! :)

Which of these interest you or are your favorite hair products? Which ones do you think I should try out and review in the future? :)

These products are available in all Watsons stores near you, and you can expect promos and discounts when you purchase any of these Watsons Wonders, which is for a limited time only so check them out as soon as you can! :)

For more information on these products and more follow Watsons FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages!

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  • Reply Jia Achacruz 17 November 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Oh wow, this is the dream!! x I shall get one soon as an advanced birthday gift to myself ;)

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz

  • Reply Jel 18 November 2014 at 1:20 am

    You have an amazing way of making a person read your post from top to bottom. Hahaha! I enjoyed reading this box review, Camie. <3

  • Reply Aprelle 19 November 2014 at 1:50 pm

    I was waiting for the Aloe Derma review but (i think) you skipped it haha! I bought one recently and haven’t tried it but then I saw this post so I was kinda hoping for a good feedback from you haha

    Anyways, it was really good to have this, Camie :)

  • Reply Sara 19 November 2014 at 8:25 pm

    I totally LOL’d with the part where you said that someone must have researched about who you were and, hey, great job on that if they really did! I’ve used Palty before and what I love is that the smell doesn’t bother my nose at all. The L’Oreal oil, I use from time to time. It helps me comb my super stubborn and tangled hair after a bath but I still prefer It’s A 10 miracle leave in product over L’Oreal.

  • Reply Vanna Kaori Lustre 21 November 2014 at 11:03 am

    I really love reading your reviews and I can honestly say that you’re on the top of my favorite bloggers list! I would love to try the Salon Professionals product because my hair badly needs the nourishments hahaha!

  • Reply Janine 24 November 2014 at 5:45 pm

    I just bought the Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment with fresh mint and vitamin E because my hair is really brittle and I get a LOT of hair fall every single day. I’d love to try the other variants (maybe) soon! :)

  • Reply Gia 29 December 2014 at 7:53 pm

    How do I purchase one? I know the box was sent to you but I read somewhere that the August Watsons box (also w Palty) can be purchased at selected Watsons stores for 799.

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