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Your Period Fears & How to Deal with Them


A few weeks ago I decided to have a little discussion about monthly periods with my female followers on Twitter. I had just finished my monthly period, and I wanted to know what their biggest fears were when Aunt Flo comes around each month, just to get a little discussion going, and maybe address each fear that came up. I didn’t expect to get so much responses, but I did!  Below are a list of the most common period fears I’ve gathered and my advice on how to deal with them!

On Cravings:

@cherryyjosue said: cravings

@gilliansanity said: uncontrollable hunger pangs leading to excessive eating! :)

My advice: Indulge!  Indulging goes a long way. We need to make it a habit to pamper our body and have all our worries checked at the door.  If you’re an active or body conscious person, you can always work it off with light exercises such as walking/stretching which is great for your body and mind during your period. Now, if you’re like me who only sometimes does exercises and isn’t really that body conscious, I’d still indulge! I think of it as a way of just treating myself for having to deal with terrible cramps and feeling like crap. Usually your PMS will only last a day or two, so think of it as a cheat day! ;)

On mood swings:

@PaigeApreca said: BREAKOUTS (and mood swings that ruin everyone’s day lol)

@toitanya said: Start crying over the most random of things in public #truestory hahaha

@thewendynator said: i get moodswings as PMS + DURING my period

@caramielrush said: mood swings foe life

@julesthereader said: being randomly mean to someone and end up offending them haha

My advice: I’m not entirely sure if I ever get mood swings during my period, but I think it’s because I’ve learned to deal with my periods quite well as I’ve learned over the years. The way you feel during your period obviously will correlate to how your mood is. So if you’ve got cramps and you’re feeling icky, most likely you’ll feel irritable and everything and everyone will annoy you. Deal with your cramps by popping some Mefenamic Acid to ease discomfort (works like a charm for me). If you’re feeling extra emotional, my ultimate weakness, here’s the only thing I can say: don’t be embarrassed! If you somehow end up bawling your eyes out in public because you spotted two elderly people holding hands, and people see you, just try to gather composure. You’ll never even see these people again. Period emotions are weird, but they happen. Just let it run its course. You should get used to it by now. No excuses, no embarrassments, you’re a lady who gets monthly periods just like every other woman out there.

On leaks and stains:

@mariapatgarcia said: when i sneeze, niagara falls. when i laugh, niagara falls. when i stand up, niagara falls

@monaloiseg said: LEAKS!!!

@kristelified said: TAGOS

@ineesays  said: sports and leaks

@daph_arboleda  said: leaks & cramps

@KateEnad said:  LEAKS

My advice: Use the right kind of pad! I don’t really remember the last time I’ve had to deal with a period stain since I learned to use the right kind of pads for my heavy flow days and my regular flow days. On my heavy flow days, which is usually the first two days of my period, I like to use night time pads like Modess All Night, which I find to be the best kind of pad because it absorbs 25% more liquid, which means less chances of leakage and less need for changing. For my regular flow days, I switch to Modess regular pads.  After my period, I then go back to wearing liners everyday.

In conclusion: Don’t let your period control your life too much. Besides, it’s something that occurs monthly, so you have to learn how to be prepared and accept what our periods bring instead of constantly fighting it or fearing it. In retrospect, periods are a wonderful thing. It reminds us of our ability to create life. If you’re not ready to create life, it’s a nice monthly reassurance that you’re indeed still free from having to be responsible for anyone else’s life except your own!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Modess. All thoughts, opinions and words are entirely my own.

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  • Reply Lovely 10 November 2015 at 7:06 pm

    PMS or Dysmennorhea is my fear…I vomit and having LBM. I don’t like it. Soon, I’ll make a blog about this topic too.. Thanks for your blog.. :)

  • Reply Rej Relova 13 November 2015 at 10:22 am

    I used to have intense (and I say I N T E N S E) Dysmennorhea and an irregular cycle. Good thing my OB helped me a lot with that issue. And I am (an honest) Modess user, I prefer it over other brands because it really works well for me!

  • Reply Cyndrel 13 November 2015 at 3:20 pm

    I think PMS is worse than the period itself, haha! The top-notch mood swings and cravings never end! I usually crave for something spicy and sweet days before my period. And, I’m usually an asshole to everyone around that time too! Haha! When I was a teenager I rarely feel menstrual cramps, but now, urgh! I feel like I can break anything in my hand the moment I feel the pain! I know I should still try to get out and do at least light exercises but…I just feel SO lazy! During the first two days of my period, I feel so frail and sensitive as shit! haha!

  • Reply Corinth 14 November 2015 at 9:49 am

    Mine would be intense pain to the point that I can’t walk properly. I have to get into the habit of drinking painkillers to make my period days more bearable. Also, yes, the leaks! I’ve been a Modess user when I was in the Philippines! I agree that the night pads really help. If the flow is really strong, there’s no shame in using the night pads in the daytime.

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